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35 S P R I N G Q 1 I S S U E F E A T U R E By Peter Tonguette Y ou might call them the Editor Whisperers. The WME agency prides itself on representing countless high-profile movers and shakers in the entertain- ment industry, but a dedicated group of agents focus on serving a less visible but no less significant clientele: below-the- line talent, including post-production professionals. These agents not only help editors find work, and find career satisfaction, at a time when the f ilm and television business is contending with the twin disruptions of the shift to streaming and the coronavirus pandem- ic, but they function as sounding boards, career planners, and unofficial therapists of a sort. " T h e a g e n c y i s c o m m i t t e d t o representing artists on a very broad s p e c t r u m ," s a i d W M E a g e n t J a s a n Pagni, adding that the famous actors, di- rectors, authors, and musicians that the agency represents are no more, or less, significant than the likes of the editors, cinematographers, and other crafts- people whose artistry actually brings movies and series to vivid life. "The pro- duction artists are just as important as any of them." Picture editor Robert Komatsu, ACE, can attest to the agency's aggressive- ness on his behalf: The editor has been represented by Pagni for about a decade, during which time he has accumulated a substantial haul of credits, including the feature films "Jobs" (2013) and "A Dog's Journey" (2019). "From that point on, Agents of Change WME HELPS POST-PRODUCTION CLIENTS ADAPT TO A WORLD WRACKED BY PANDEMIC AND ECONOMIC SHIFTS I would say everything I've gotten has basically been because of Jasan," said Komatsu, who recently received a Prime- time Editing nomination for his work on the acclaimed series "Mrs. America," starring Cate Blanchett as anti-feminist activist Phyllis Schlafly. "Jasan is good in that he knows what my goals are," Komatsu said. "He takes that into account for what he submits me for or what he tries to stretch to see what he can get for me—something that will challenge me." For agents to successfully advocate on WE WORK: Mira Yong and Wayne Fitterman of WME. P H O T O : W M E

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