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8th Annual MUAHS Awards 2021

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MAKE-UP ARTISTS & HAIR STYLISTS GUILD AWARDS | 47 V A N G U A R D A W A R D BERNADINE ANDERSON MAKE-UP In 1969, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission held a one-day hearing in Hollywood and it was a pivotal moment in the struggle for minority jobs in the fi lm industry. Even though it was only one day, it was established that there was clear evidence of a pattern or practice of discrimination. The U.S. Department of Justice took the extraordinary step of preparing lawsuits against practically the entire industry—from the AMPTP and its roster, six of the seven major studios, the IATSE and other craft unions. Tonight's co-recipient of the fi rst-ever Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Vanguard Award is being presented to our member who was a part of that historic change in Hollywood. Bernadine Anderson took on the establishment and she won. Although Local 706 was established in 1937, when the roster was established in the 1940s, all make-up artists were men and all hair stylists were women. Almost everyone was white, but none were African American in either craft. Then came Bernadine Anderson. Bernadine had established herself as an accomplished artist in independent (non-studio) fi lms with skills that rivaled all of the men—from beauty to prosthetics, she could do it all. Everything except become a union member. Her tenacity and professionalism achieved the impossible. With the federal government on her side, she was the last make-up artist to be admitted into the Warner Bros. apprenticeship program. She accomplished what women before her had only dreamed of, she broke so many barriers. Word of Bernadine's vast talent spread throughout the industry and actor/activist Jane Fonda again rattled the cages and hired Bernadine as her personal make-up artist on Fun with Dick and Jane, the beginning of a relationship that lasted more than 10 fi lms, some of the most popular and iconic fi lms of that time—Julia, Coming Home, Comes a Horseman, California Suite, The China Syndrome, The Electric Horseman and 9 to 5. When Jane took a break from acting, Bernadine met tonight's Distinguished Artisan recipient, Eddie Murphy. As the Department Head Make-up in the 1983 fi lm, Coming to America, the world laughed uproariously with the iconic and beloved characters that have now been recreated more than 30 years later in Coming 2 America. Bernadine went on to work with Eddie Murphy for another 10 years on fi lms Vampire in Brooklyn, Boomerang, Another 48 Hrs. and Harlem Nights. Although long overdue, Local 706 is proud to present the Vanguard Award to Bernadine Anderson for her courage and historic accomplishment to break barriers unlike anyone before her. (L-R): Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming To America; Murphy in Another 48 Hrs.; Angela Bassett in What's Love Got to Do with It; Jane Fonda in 9 to 5; Jane Fonda in The Electric Horseman.

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