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contributors Ross Pelton When I did research about drug-induced nutrition depletion, I was amazed to learn that oral contraceptives deplete a wide range of nutrients and can cause depression, birth defects, sleep problems, blood clots and clogged arteries. My passion is to provide women with simple solutions that enable them to remain healthy while taking birth control pills. David "Avocado" Wolfe Having spent the last 20 years teaching and traveling the world, educating people on the power of raw food, superfoods and longevity technologies, my goal is to make everybody skilled enough to be able to be their own doctor, their own nutritionist. Because all of us intrinsically have that inside of us. www.TheBestDayEver.com. Elyse Glickman God is as close to you as your next breath Soul Transcendence is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. MSIA provides tools and techniques for experiencing your Soul and, therefore, your own Divinity. "All that you want to be, you already are. All you have to do is move your awareness there and recognize the reality of your own Soul." —John-Roger Journey of a Soul Download your Free E-book, at www.msia.org/info/wlt To request a print copy, contact servicedesk@msia.org or (800) 899-2665 Print Promo Code: 702WLT 8 Whenever I travel overseas, I bring home inspiration to live my life more thoughtfully. In Iceland I was awestruck at the seamless merge of a high standard of living with a genuine respect for the environment. I hope telling the story will inspire a fresh look at how a few simple changes can add up. Gini Sikes Before moving to Los Angeles from New York last year, I'd never heard of ayurveda. Whenever my writing partner mentioned vata, pitta or kapha it sounded like, "Hi there, what's your sign?" But she swore ayurvedic treatments would relieve the debilitating freelance-writer's ache in my digits. As I effortlessly type these words, what can I say? I'm a believer. APRIL/MAY ISSUE ERRATA: In "Radical Architecture for a Sustainable Future," the correct URL for Rex Beasley should have been www.FluidArchitecture.org. WLT regrets the error. wholelifetimesmagazine.com FINAL REDESIGN WLT-5-27-11pm.indd 8 5/28/13 11:11 AM

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