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Page 31 of 35 30 POST SEPT/OCT 2020 t True North Entertainment we produce content for broadcast TV, as well as high-level government and cor- porate projects. Our projects are dialogue rich, feature majestic aerial/ground shots, eye-catching time-/hyper-lapse, and stun- ning visual effects, all crafted as compel- ling stories. That's our style: story-driven content that informs while entertaining. Projects that are heavy on unscripted dialogue content often have up to 12 in- terviews within a three-minute segment. Finding the perfect comments and craft- ing them together in a compelling story is a challenge. I always say, "Reducing logistics provides more creative time." Transcriptive is our key logistics engine, giving us more creative time and helping us craft seamless story flow. When it comes to story cutting, Transcriptive is our biggest time-saver for post workflows. THE PROCESS Step 1 - Create Transcriptions: All inter- views are cut down to just answers (strin- gouts). Directly out of Premiere, we send the stringout sequence to Transcriptive's speech-to-text AI. A 10-minute interview is bounced back in a few minutes and au- tomatically, the video is aligned with the transcription. The quality of automated transcription is surprisingly solid. If the recording has good signal-to-noise, you can get 97 percent accuracy. Step 2 – Edit Transcriptions: Our proj- ects often have non-standard words. This could be the names of people, acronyms, etc. We correct the few verbal wild cards using either the Transcriptive panel within Premiere or the online portal. The online portal is great because you can upload the video and the interactive tool allows for anyone on the team to use any computer to make corrections. Step 3 – Add Captions & Publish for Review: We make SRT files for every interview and add open captions to the sequences. All interviews are uploaded to a Web portal, like, Wipster or Vimeo, to allow creative executives to identify key comments. These collabora- tive portals allow us to import comment markers directly into Premiere. We also make Word .docs from the .txt exports with timecode for the old-school people who prefer highlighting clips on paper (color highlighters match clip colors). We also often use Transcriptive's ability to add clip markers directly to clips. These will be short, half-sentence markers. One other step we take is to add the transcript to the metadata of clips. This allows for Transcriptive's data to be at- tached to the clip directly. Step 4 – Crafting the Story: This is where the real fun begins. The Transcriptive panel lets you queue up a clip based on a word search. Between having open captions on our interview sequences and queuing up a shot by searching a word, this lets us easily find the perfect clip every time. We never need to keep playing back a bunch of clips just to hear what is there. We can see it in text. We use Premiere's pancake method of moving 'source sequence' clips to a 'cut sequence'. CONCLUSION I love being able to search a word to queue up a shot. I can't cut without Transcriptive now. Transcriptive is the most time-saving tool since we evolved from tape workflow to nonlinear. Most importantly, it opens creative doors by being able to see all options and work with the free flow of content ideas. Support: In today's world, where NLEs, GPUs, nvmeSSDs, processors and codecs are hammered with intense tech disrup- tion, often software developers will point the finger at other vendors when issues arise. Digital Anarchy is different. Jim Tierney and the team from Digital Anarchy have always been 'Johnny on the Spot', an- swering questions about Transcriptive and being proactive with addressing issues (ie: when Catalina was released). They make sure customers are given information about potential solutions needed before you even cross that path. Great support! Kyle Koch has been crafting visual stories for over 30 years, and has worked on features, TV, corporate and govern- ment projects. Founded in 1998, his company True North Entertainment has been a reliable supplier for the Province of British Columbia since 2006. . REVIEW DIGITAL ANARCHY'S TRANSCRIPTIVE BY KYLE KOCH TRUE NORTH ENTERTAINMENT RICHMOND, BC HTTP://WWW.TRUENORTH ENTERTAINMENT.COM A POWERFUL PACKAGE OF TOOLS FOR EDITING & VFX A VITAL STATS MANUFACTURER: Digital Anarchy PRODUCT: Transcriptive PRICE: Software: $149; transcripts: $.04-.08/minute WEBSITE:

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