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Susan Boswell and her son-in- law and business partner Josh Peeples, in the caves at Château Boswell, St. Helena, CA. The 11,000-square-foot caves are 65 feet below the earth, amidst four- million-year-old volcanic stone. Conserving the Place She by meridith may S usan Boswell and her son-in-law Josh Peeples may stake a claim to fame on their small-lot, handcrafted wines—in fact, no single bottling of her Château Boswell or his Jacquelynn labels exceeds a ten-barrel production—but for them, it’s a philosophy of sustainability and stewardship that reigns in importance. Boswell, a strikingly beautiful blonde, is serious about Napa’s future. Before we are even introduced to the cult-status Château Boswell Chardonnays and her estate Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, she looks me squarely in the eyes and directs my attention to her main objective for our get-together. “There’s a long history of Napa Valley’s land stewardship,” she points out. “These environmental initiatives began in 1968 with the Napa Valley establishing America’s first agricultural preserve, and that was a long time before the green-washing philosophies of today.” Boswell sits on three major advisory boards overseeing Napa’s land and wineries, as well as the valley’s local water and energy conservation; a member of Napa Valley Vintners, she also sits on the Napa Green Winery and Napa Green Land committees, voluntary certification developed by the Napa Valley Vintners. Napa Green Winery is a process that requires third-party certification by local, state and federal government agencies. The program focuses on reducing environmental impact through practices that reduce energy use, conserve water and increase recycling. Château Boswell was the first Green certified winery in Napa Valley. Napa Green Land, also a third-party partner with government agencies, protects 76 / the tasting panel / july 2010 susan BosWell IS ONE OF NAPA VALLEY’S GUARDIAN ANGELS Loves PHOTO: PETER GRIFFITH PHOTO: PETER GRIFFITH

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