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July 2010

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THE TASTING PANEL’s annual pilgrimage to Lawry’s The Prime Rib is always a tour de force, but this year, we pulled out all the stops to bring a select group of V.I.P. consumers and trade an exclusive look at some of the best and brightest in the spirits world. Brands from all over the GloBe descended on Bev- erly Hills to STRUT THEIR STUFF and showcase that which makes them the Tens of 2010. They’ve got… The X Factor by rachel Burkons / photos by maria schriber Voli Vodka: The Skinny Sipper There’s no doubt that calorie consciousness has hit the spirits industry, but there’s a new brand on the block determined to prove you don’t have to sacrifice taste when you’re watching your waist. Bringing both flavor and fun to the game is Voli Vodka, made from superior French wheat, pure spring water and natural flavors—all while coming in at 25–40 percent fewer calories than other leading brands. We couldn’t get enough of Voli’s signature creamy smoothness, offered in original Lyte, Lemon, Orange Vanilla, Pear Vanilla, Raspberry Cocoa and Espresso Vanilla varieties. Paul Zahn, the Southern California Brand Development Manager, tasted us on Voli’s sinfully delicious Orange Vanilla, a perfect alcohol-driven expres- sion of Dreamsicle-style goodness, and we were wowed at the rich, ice cream–like flavor, without any bite or burn. “It is perfect just chilled,” says Zahn. “It’s so smooth, you don’t need anything else.” The only thing missing? The party. VOLI SPIRITS LLC/GREAT WESTERN BROKERAGE X Factor: Low cal, yet smooth, creamy and slightly sinful. Also, the brand is one of the few to list calorie counts and nutritional info right on the bottle. 60 / the tasting panel / july 2010

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