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THE SPIRIT OF SERVICE Just What Are You Thinking? by Eric Davison H Eric Davison has developed a syllabus to elevate service levels in the hospitality industry. ospitality, the positive rela- tionship between a host and a guest, is the only way to distinguish yourself and your busi- ness over the long term. Food and beverage may bring someone into your dining room, but it’s the positive relationship you and your team create with each guest that will keep them coming back. People remem- ber their experi- ence, and if you make it special they’ll reward you for it.” In my last column, I explored how the way you think about your guests will determine the way you treat your guests. What you are thinking about can be your biggest ally—or your biggest obstacle—in creating the kind of positive relationships that will drive your business success. Your deepest thoughts and judg- ments will be expressed through your attitude and actions, often without your realizing it, and your attitude and actions will fl avor the guests’ experience more than any food or cocktail ever will. People remember their experience, and if you make it special they’ll reward you for it. What are you thinking? It’s time to take inventory. Ask yourself “What do I think about my job and my team?” “What do I think about serving guests?” “How often do I pre-judge guests?” “What kinds of things do I focus my attention on while I’m at work?” I challenge you to answer these questions for yourself. Ask and answer them at least fi ve times and you will have a better idea of what you’re really thinking. You may discover thoughts that are helping you and others you want to change. Chances are you already inventory food and liquor at least once a month, because you have to know what’s working and what’s not, but how often do you take an inventory of yourself? This simple step could improve any guest experience and create positive 58 / the tasting panel / july 2010 momentum for you, your team and the busi- ness you support. Next installment: New perspectives. The Spirit of Service training program, The Human Ingredient, is designed to complement existing on-premise training programs by empowering your team with proven tools and techniques they can use to execute your standards and procedures more effectively. When teams fully engage and shift toward an attitude of real connection with each other and their guests, companies signifi cantly reduce costs, create greater guest loyalty, and increase profi ts long term. For more information, contact info@spirit-of- or call 323-273-0097.

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