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SCOTCH REPORT The Glenlivet distillery expan- sion was opened officially by Prince Charles on June . A Bold Move I n any market, a £10-million ($15-millon) distillery expansion would be a bold move. And when that investment boosts production of America’s favorite single malt scotch by 75%, it’s a confident statement of intent. In this case, the malt concerned is The Glenlivet, and the statement of intent from owners Chivas Brothers, part of powerhouse Pernod Ricard, is that they aim to topple Glenfiddich and one day take the coveted world number-one spot. And, to mark this very public commitment, June 4 saw the plant receive a Royal endorsement, with Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles, in attendance to officially declare the new facilities open. It will be some while before it’s working at full capacity, though as Brand Director for The Glenlivet Neil MacDonald told THE TASTING PANEL, “This is a long-term investment with the ambition of global leadership. Our growth in developing markets is exceptional and the expansion is designed to meet that. We’ve doubled our volume in the eight years that we’ve owned the brand and moved from number three in the world to second place. We’re not content to stay there.” Moving to the U.S. market MacDonald added, “The Glenlivet is our beacon, spearhead malt whisky. We continue to grow in the U.S. despite holding around one-third of the category. Growth is coming from dynamic super-pre- mium expressions and the substance and credentials of the brand.” Five brand ambassadors work with U.S. bar staff, retailers and consumers on education, and sampling and trade activity will continue across all U.S. markets, driving especially the older styles. To mark the distillery expansion, The Glenlivet has released 1,824 bottles of a 21 Year Old Founder’s Reserve, expected to retail in liquor stores at around $350. “We hope people will drink it, not collect it,” says MacDonald. The Glenlivet is imported by Pernod Ricard USA. 2 / the tasting panel / july 2010 THE GlEnlIVET INTENDS TO BECOME NUMBER ONE by Ian Buxton A Spirited Economy What would Scotland be without Scotch whisky? Well, a poorer place for one thing, according to a new study published by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA). As revealed by the research, the water of life supports around 35,000 jobs in Scotland, with an economic impact equal to that of the entire tourism industry. Exports, up 42% since 2000, are valued at over £3 billion ($4.5 billion). The workers are energetic too, with productivity rated at six times the Scottish average. The SWA use these figures to campaign for a “fairer” tax regime for whisky, though with Britain’s public sector finances in poor shape, the chances of a duty cut any time soon seem slim. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHIVAS BROTHERS

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