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For additional product news and information, visit SOFTWARE PLUG-IN Camera Rig Alioscopy USA, a 3D visualization tech- nology provider, released a plug-in that facilitates creating Alioscopy-ready 3D content within Maxon Cinema 4D soft- ware. The Alioscopy camera rig plug-in for Cinema 4D offers an intuitive way for 3D artists to create immer- sive Alioscopy-ready 3D content, and help meet the demand for auto- stereoscopic, multiview content. The plug-in is available now as a free download from the Alioscopy Web site; it is also available, along with a brief tutorial, from Cineversity, Maxon USA’s Cinema 4D training and education resource. Alioscopy US; WIN MAC VIDEO Boris 7 Boris FX announced Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE (BCC 7 AE), with more than 200 filters for use with Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3. The latest edition’s 11 new filters include: a three-way color-grade filter with built-in keying and masking tools, a new video noise-reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, an audio-driven keyframe genera- tor, a new OpenGL particle engine, and still and video morph technology. Each Boris Continuum Complete filter is re- engineered to take advantage of 64-bit processing and OpenGL acceleration. Version 7 enhancements also include a split-screen preview mode and support for Boris XML Transfer, an Adobe After Effects plug-in for transferring Apple Final Cut Pro sequences to After Effects. Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE is available now for $995, or $295 as an upgrade from previous versions of Boris Continuum Complete AE Boris FX; WIN MAC 3D Fusion 6.1 Eyeon Software unveiled Fusion 6.1, the newest version of its 3D software complete with a next-generation GPU supercomputing framework. Version 6.1 exploits the power of low-cost GPU graph- ics cards to increase productivity and deliver a production-quality GPU renderer. The software’s feature set is enhanced with python scripting, support for Render- Man and Red Camera Mysterium X, and new Metadata, Hue Curves, and Film Grain tools. 3D scene importing via FBX is expanded and designed to streamline the process between 3D animation and rendering. Eyeon Software; WIN LINUX HARDWARE VIDEO AJA FiDO AJA Video Systems introduced five new Mini Converter products. AJA’s FiDO (Fiber Digital Optical) is a family of five SDI/Optical Fiber converters that enable the transport of SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G SDI over distances of up to 10 kilometers. Now available starting at $445, the FiDO product family includes FiDO-R, a single- channel fiber-to-SDI Mini Converter with dual SDI outputs; FiDO-2R, a dual-chan- nel fiber-to-SDI Mini Converter; FiDO-T, a single-channel SDI-to-fiber Mini Converter with looping SDI output; FiDO-2T, a dual- channel SDI-to-fiber Mini Converter; and FiDO-TR, an SDI/fiber transceiver Mini Converter. AJA Video Systems; Cards and Filters AJA Video Systems debuted its line of Corvid video cards, designed to provide simple SD/HD-SDI I/O. The Corvid-LP offers a low-profile PCI form factor for integration into 1RU servers, whereas the Corvid-22 provides multi-channel I/O in SD/HD and 3G SDI, along with LTC and RS-422 capabilities. Available now, the Corvid and Corvid-LP are priced at $795, whereas the Corvid-22 is $1395. The company also released new DirectShow Filters designed to allow DirectShow appli- cation developers to work with AJA Kona, Io Express, and Corvid video I/O products. AJA’s DirectShow Filters are available as a free download for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. AJA Video Systems; STORAGE CalDigit RAID CalDigit recently debuted three new prod- ucts. The HDPro-24 rackmount, 24-drive RAID solution achieves speeds of more than 1600MB/sec and supports 24 SATA-II 3Gbs drive modules, JBOD, and RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60. CalDigit’s Super- Share solution enables users to share stor- age over a PCIe-based network, roughly five times faster than traditional fibre SAN solutions. The CalDigit AV Drive is report- edly the first USB 3.0 solution for the Mac and reaches speeds of up to 140MB/sec. CalDigit; June 2010, Volume 33, Number 6: COMPUTER GRAPHICS WORLD (USPS 665-250) (ISSN-0271-4159) is published monthly (12 issues) by COP Communications, Inc. Corporate offices: 620 West Elk Avenue, Glendale, CA 91204, Tel: 818-291-1100; FAX: 818-291-1190; Web Address: Periodicals postage paid at Glendale, CA, 91205 & additional mailing offices. 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