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OPPOSITE PAGE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT Blood Knight For this character, the artist pushed his multichannel texturing methods, adding many details: dirt, scratches, stains, blood, and decorations. Blood Elf The character model consists of object layers on top of one another. It started as a generic male model, and after the base robe was far enough along, the body model was deleted, and the armor built. Labyrinth Without a 64-bit workstation, the artist had to render this piece using a number of passes, with the main fi nishing work done in Photoshop. Guards of the Hidden City This project was broken down into three scenes (background, mid-ground, and foreground) to enable a faster workfl ow. THIS PAGE, TOP TO BOTTOM Rage Over Babylon The artist crafted this image for a CGSociety contest, and it won the grand prize. Because of the contest, the artist knew that the image would have to be very detailed, with lots of things happening and with the sense of scale taking a major role. One of the challenges was to avoid having anything look dupli- cated. Thus, each fl ag on the tower was hand tweaked, and the artist created more than 100 vase types. Ella The focus of this character is her hair. The artist cloned the polygons that would grow hairs from the head to a new, nonrenderable mesh. He then added hairs and started combing and testing different possibilities. June 2010 27

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