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Customized Power The Mac Pro Workstation featuring Adobe® CS5 Chronophotograph by Étienne-Jules Marey capturing the skeletal movement of an athlete. tiple albums containing these on the shelves of nearby bookstores—invaluable references for all animators. Another significant figure of early motion capture, and a friend and competitor of Muy- bridge, was Étienne-Jules Marey, a French scientist and chronophotographer. He was obsessed with human and animal motion, and developed new, innovative techniques to aid his studies. His revolutionary idea was to record several phases of movement on the same photographic plate. In order to achieve this, he needed a fundamentally new kind of instrument, and built his high-speed “chrono- photographic gun” in 1882 that was capable of shooting 12 consecutive frames a second. Using his device—which he later improved significantly—he studied horses, birds, dogs, donkeys, sheep, elephants, fish, and more. He was the first to capture how birds and insects fly—a significant accomplishment employed by aviation engineers not much after. Marey also conducted a study about cats always land- ing on their feet, and found that without any external force, they are indeed capable of twist- ing their body in air. Chickens, rabbits, and puppies were subjected to the same test, but only the rabbits came out on top.... Being a man of medicine, Marey became fascinated by the internal movements of the body and studied blood circulation, respira- tion, heart beats, and skeletal movements. For the latter, he used a similar technique to current optical motion capture: He attached reflective markers to the joints of actors wear- ing a black suit so he could capture the skel- etal movement during walking and running cycles. While Muybridge was primarily a pho- tographer with great engineering and scientific skills, Marey was an educated scientist execut- ing innovative measurements. Both these men and their colleagues had a great influence on photography, medicine, aviation, engineering, and other sciences, as well as art—including animation and motion pictures. Tey pro- duced countless photographs of human and animal motion, perfect references for com- puter animators. n For over 22 years, Safe Harbor Computers has been delivering high-quality, custom- configured workstations to graphics, animation and video professionals. Let us help design and build your perfect Mac Pro workstation, including Adobe® and Quadro FX 4800 by PNY graphics. Adobe® Creative Suite® CS5 software 5 Production Premium offers motion and Adobe Premiere® graphic designers and visual effects artists video, animation, compositing, audio, and design tools that feel like a natural extension of the creative process.Work more efficiently with high-resolution projects and realize the benefits from tight integration between Adobe Photoshop® Pro. Extended, Illustrator® , Maximize your productivity and efficiency with Adobe CS5 on a new Mac Pro workstation today! SpaceNavigator Redefine the way you work with 3D applications. Whether you’re creating dazzling 3D models or exploring virtual worlds, Space- Navigator’s superior navigation experience sets your imagination free. Pan, zoom, or rotate as if you’re holding the model in your hand or fly like a helicopter through three-dimensional worlds. Intuos4 - Wireless The popular and versatile pen tablet with the comfort and control that artists, photographers and designers demand is now wireless. Reduce cord clutter and enjoy the freedom to move about your work area. Features 2,048 levels of sensitivity for natural feel and accuracy along with eight programmable ExpressKeys. Cinema 4D R11.5 Broadcast Edition Quick workflow, fast rendering, and easy export to popular compositing applications have established CINEMA 4D as the 3D Motion Graphics leader. R11.5 features include new MoGraph dynamics, as well as enhanced 2D/3D integration for Motion and After Effects. Vue 8.5 Infinite Advanced solution for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D environments. Vue 8.5 intro- duces Global Gamma Control, Interactive Cloud Control, New Terrain Sculpting Tools, Advanced EcoSystem Control, Diagnosis Render Passes, Unlimited Material Painting, and more! 800-544-6599 RealFlow 5 Now Available! RF5 includes a new fluid system for realistic large scale simulations, a brand new, fully multi-threaded body dynamics engine, and massive improvements on the speed of the particle-based solver. Simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami crashing across a beach, sweeping debris in its wake. SOLUTIONS FOR GRAPHICS PROFESSIONALS Safe Harbor Computers W226 N900 Eastmound Dr. Waukesha, WI 53186 800-544-6599 / 262-548-8120 Information/Orders 262-548-8157 Tech Support/RMAs - M–F 9am–4pm CST 262-548-8130 Fax Terms: POs accepted from schools and government agencies. • All checks require 7–10 days to clear. • Defective products replaced promptly. RMA number required for all merchandise returns. Returns accepted within 20 days, in original packaging, postage prepaid, undamaged. Opened software not returnable. Shipping charges not refundable. Returns subject to a 15% restocking fee. • Not responsible for typos. Prices subject to change. © 2010 Safe Harbor Computers. All rights reserved. LWCAD 3.5 Plug-ins for use with LightWave 3D pack your favorite modeling program with great new features. Archiviz toolset allows for creation of complex buildings in just a few short minutes. Equip your favorite modeling program with the countless features normally available only in expensive CAD applications. June 2010 9

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