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First Class Presorted U.S. postage Paid Santa Ana, CA Permit No. 450 827 Hollywood Way, #632 Burbank, CA 91505 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED t h e o f f i c i a l q u a r t e r l y o f t h e c i n e m a a u d i o s o c i e t y ZMT3 PHANTOM 2 QRX200 WIDE-BAND DIGITAL RECORDING WIRELESS WITH ENHANCED RANGE AND AUTOMATIC TRACKING FRONT END RECEIVER FILTER DIGITAL MODULATION 100% digital modulation for superior quality ENCRYPTED AUDIO keeps transmitted audio private QRX200 LIGHT AND VERSATILE THE ULTIMATE IN RECEIVER FLEXIBILITY records and transmits at the same time accepts both lavalier and phantom microphones smallest, lightest phantom powered transmitter available C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Zaxcom_CAS-695_ZMT-QRX_HR.pdf 1 1/17/19 4:53 PM

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