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44 C I N E M O N T A G E T E C H N O L O G Y By Jennifer Walden P icture editors specialize in pic- ture editing. So if music edits get a bit hacked up in the cutting room, it's forgivable. There are other specialists who know just how to fix it. Enter the music editor. Michael Brake, Emmy-and MPSE- a w a rd - w i n n i n g f i l m a n d te l e v i s i o n music editor based in Los Angeles, can handle the trickiest of timing tweaks and pitch issues. He is music editor on NBC's "The Voice." That show has provided him great experience in working with live vocals, experience that he's currently applying to live performances on HBO's hit series, "Insecure." This season in Episode 5 "Lowkey Movin' On," Issa Dee (played by series creator/executive producer Issa Rae), throws a block party with big-name-yet- local live acts from Inglewood and South L.A., like Vince Staples and Cam & China. The final tracks are a mix of live and pre-recorded material that needed to be expertly stitched together. "Inside these live performances, there Pitch, In Time MUSIC EDITING ON 'INSECURE' Issa Rae plays the main character in "Insecure," HBO's comedy filled with the sounds of contemporary music (below). P H O T O : H B O P H O T O : H B O

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