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35 F A L L Q 3 I S S U E F E A T U R E By Su Fang Tham HBO's millennial dramedy "Insecure" returned this spring to explore the frac- tured friendship between Issa (played by series co-creator Issa Rae) and her BFF, Molly (Yvonne Orji). Season 4 opened with Issa's jarring declaration that she no longer deals with her best friend of many years, an earth-shattering notion for anyone who has followed their messy and tender friendship for the past three sea- sons. As each woman goes about her own way through much of the season – with Issa moving closer to ex Lawrence and busy planning the Market Street Block Party, while overworked Molly tries to figure out the next steps with boyfriend Andrew – the ominous tension hovers through much of a season told mostly in flashbacks as the catalyst to the blow-up slowly unravels. We recently caught up with the ed- iting team to talk about the challenges in picking out the best takes from a cornucopia of exquisite performances, and how Molly's downtown apartment "sounds" different from Issa's Los Ange- les abode. Here are some excerpts from our conversation with editors Nena Erb, ACE, and Daysha Broadway, assistant ed- itors Lynarion Hubbard and Aric Lewis, and sound effects editor Michael Sana, MPSE. In July, Erb and Hubbard were nominated for Emmys for their work on the show. Q What was it about editing that lured you into the craft? Erb: When I was promoted to Associ- ate Producer in post at Oxygen, the editor I worked with – Sven Nilsson – changed my life. The way he shaped a story or changed the tone of a scene with just a few clicks – that blew me away. Editing combines storytelling, photography, problem-solving – everything I love all P H O T O : H B O Facing page: Picture editor Daysha Broadway (left), assistant editor Aric Lewis and editor Nena Erb are part of the post-production team for HBO's comedy "Insecure." MIRROR MOMENTS TALKING WITH THE EDITING TEAM OF HBO'S 'INSECURE'

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