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18 C I N E M O N T A G E D I V E R S I T Y D ear Members of the Motion Pictures Editors Guild, W h i l e w e c o n t i n u e t o g r i e v e t h e t r a g - ic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Bre- onna Taylor, members of Local 700 have been sharing their re- actions to police brutality and systemic racism. As members of the Diversity Committee, we want you to know: We hear you. We understand you. We are proud that you are speaking out. Remaining silent perpetuates the p ro b l e m . We a re e n co u ra g i n g a l l o f o u r m e m b e rs, re ga rd l e ss o f ra ce o r e t h n i c i t y, to j o i n t h e f i g h t to e ra d - WAYS YOU CAN TAKE ACTION TODAY i c a t e r a c i s m b y h o l d i n g o u r s e l v e s accountable for promoting inclusive environments and actively working to- wards long-term solutions. T h e D i v e r s i t y C o m m i t t e e o f t h e Motion Picture Editors Guild will always support our African-American brothers and sisters. We will continue our efforts to positively impact their lives. We believe Black Lives Matter. That doesn't mean all other lives don't matter. Rather, it is a commitment to recognize the unfair treatment of Black people, their under-represen- tation in our workplaces, and to eliminate inequities in our justice systems. W e w a n t t o g o b e y o n d hashtags and social media support. It is time to back up our beliefs with action. If you want to contribute to these efforts, please reach out to diversity@ [In June, as protests raged nationwide after the killing of George Floyd, members of MPEG's Diversity Committee offered a statement on confronting systemic racism. It's reprinted here. - Ed.] Speak up about the hiring of Black post professionals, and make a point to hire and recommend Black colleagues, especially if you are a department head. Mentor up-and-coming Black post professionals. Contact your company's HR to report racist behavior at your worksite, whether you are a victim or a witness. It's important to get it on the record. Contact your Field Rep to report racist behavior at the worksite. It's important to make your union aware. Attend events sponsored by the Diversity Committee to learn more about others' experiences and what you can do to be more inclusive. SPEAK OUT

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