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e d i t i o n 2 , 2 0 2 0 c g w 5 3 Jane (Alessia Cara) Jane Willoughby, the family artist, is a joyful and curious 12-year-old. Though outnum- bered by her three brothers, she is full of ideas, opinions, and daydreams, and is eager for her voice to be heard. Tim (Will Forte) As the eldest Willoughby child, Tim fancies him- self their leader. He has firm beliefs about how his family should act to maintain its legacy, which causes some ar- guing with Jane. A brave, energetic, and scholarly 14-year-old, Tim has endless potential — if he can give up being in charge, listen to his siblings, and have a little fun. Barnaby A & B (Seán Cullen) Whether finishing each other's sentences, solving complex math problems, or building gadgets from scratch, the young twins always act as one Willoughby. Clever go-get- ters, Barnaby A & B love learning and follow- ing instructions word for word. They admire their older siblings very much, oen acting as their referees. Nanny (Maya Rudolph) A huge-hearted optimist, Nanny is hired to take care of the Willoughby children while their parents travel. Once she realizes that they've had a sheltered upbringing, Nanny introduces the kids to new food, music, and views, becoming their tour guide to modern life. Always bursting into melodies and giving out hugs, Nanny emerges as the comedic backbone of the story. Mother (Jane Krakowski) & Father (Martin Short) The selfish Willoughby parents pay little attention to anyone except each other. Hidden away in a mansion full of antiques, Mother and Father entertain themselves with old-fashioned cras like knitting and building ships in bottles — until their kids trick them into booking a vacation. On that trip, they learn about the Internet and decide to sell their home from afar. Commander Melanoff (Terry Crews) A world-famous candymaker whose face beams from bus and TV ads, Commander Melanoff is actually quite lonely. New ac- quaintances tend to be intimidated by his size, uniform, and baritone bellow, but not Nanny or Ruth — the infant he discovers on his doorstep. Once the siblings start tinkering in his high-tech factory, Colonel Melanoff has soened into a generous spirit and doting dad. The Cat (Ricky Gervais) Since the adventure unfolds from this four- legged narrator's viewpoint, the filmmakers designed the elements on-screen to resem- ble a collection of colorful, handmade toys. At first, The Cat is a jaded onlooker prowling through the Willoughby home, pausing to lick himself and grumble about the latest human happenings. Yet he roots for the kids and increasingly feels like part of their family, so much so that he creates a diversion to reunite them with Nanny. Ruth (Brian Drummond) Pink-cheeked baby Ruth will scale any sur- face and gobble every snack. Aer Mother and Father refuse to take her in, the giggly youngster brings the Willoughby siblings and Nanny into Commander Melanoff's life. She also sends the kids on their first trek into the city, foreshadowing their eventual globe-trotting journey. Meet The Characters

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