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Carnival Character PHOTO: JEREMY BALL ith Arizona Cocktail Week sticking to a lively carnival theme, participating brands were inspired by the usual hustle and bustle that accompany these all-American fêtes. Andie Ferman, Distillery Diplomat and Spiritual Advisor at St. George Spirits, took the theme and really ran with it. "When we heard that Arizona Cocktail Week was going with a carnival theme, we immediately started thinking carnies," laughed Ferman. "Once we thought carnies, we said, ok, Andie Ferman. what next; what do carnies eat? And we knew we needed to do pickles; we needed a pickle shot!" Guests at the Arizona Cocktail Week Cocktail Carnival clamored for the St. George Botanivore Gin–based cocktail shots, served in a hollowed-out pickle. "This is about as fun as it gets," commented Ferman, and we couldn't agree more. PHOTO: JEREMY BALL W Caramel Concoction W ith a true-to-fruit apple lavor, Berentzen Apple Liqueur was a shoo-in for a candied apple carnival concoction. Total Beverage Solution Brand Ambassador Ava Kopieczek was on hand to offer up a Caramel Apple Martini, made from a combination of Berentzen Apple and XXX Salted Caramel Moonshine. Total Beverage Solution Brand Ambassador Ava Kopieczek. A Stand-Out Sipper Who serves vodka at room temperature? David Laverne. No ice. No sugar. No fancy cocktail business. Just a glass and two ounces of Swans Neck Vodka at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. In this way, Laverne showcases his grape-based French vodka, crafted in an Old World copper alambic pot still, instead of hiding Swans Neck's aromas, nice viscosity and fat palate. "People don't think to drink vodka at room temperature, Laverne says. "Swans Neck doesn't have " the traditional vodka burn, a direct result of grape base and copper distillation. " Named for the alambic still's curved copper piping, Swans Neck's elegant packaging stands out. Just like the quality inside. —Fred Minnick One family, one soul, one sense for great wine.

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