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41 S U M M E R Q 2 I S S U E F E A T U R E that would have better met our needs. In our process, the image and sound carried by the Clearview Flex box was sometimes compressed, sometimes choppy, depend- ing on the end user's download speed or time of day; early-morning and late-night sessions looked and sounded better than sessions in the middle of the day, when all of Los Angeles was working from home. Far from ideal, but we made it work. When Jonah originally pitched the idea of working remotely, he said we might have to accept delivering the final episodes with about 80% of the finish quality that we normally deliver. Kelly and I agree that we got to about 93%. But we wouldn't have achieved that number without everyone on the team accepting and surmounting the unforeseen chal- lenges of working from home. We all had to come up with solutions to problems that didn't exist in the pre-COVID-19 workplace, and no one complained about it, at least not to me. The process was restricting: only Keith and Ben heard the 5.1 mixes before they were delivered, and only Kostas got to watch the color-timed masters on a color-corrected reference monitor before they went to the network, but we'd all worked together long enough to have a trust and shorthand that made it work. Many of my colleagues said that they preferred the experience of working f ro m h o m e. Th ey go t to e s ca p e t h e often nightmarish Los Angeles com- mute times. I certainly didn't miss my 75- to 90-minute morning drive. If they had young children, they had no choice but to be at home since their kids were not in school. Those with families got to eat dinner with them. If there was downtime during the day, they could attend to other responsibilities, whether work-related or domestic. For me, it was one of the few times in decades of work- ing in the business that I consistently got to have dinner at home while working on a show. And we all recognized our good fortune in continuing to have jobs in a world where so many millions suddenly found themselves unemployed. We hope you enjoy the show. ■ Morgan Shaw.

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