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17 S U M M E R Q 2 I S S U E A S K T H E F I E L D R E P YOUR GUILD QUESTIONS, ANSWERED ONE AT A TIME Y es, they should. The majority of projects the membership works on are covered by contract lan- guage that either requires an employer to provide necessary equipment or ad- equately compensate employees that provide it themselves. Producers, how- ever, will often try to get away with whatever they can to help make budget. The first way to solve this problem is to call it in to the Guild. If your employer is requiring you to bring in your personal equipment with no reimbursement, we can often make a call and just fix it. But don't be tricked into bringing your own equipment. Let's say you're working on a series that will not allow the Avids to be connected to the Internet, but provides one additional computer separately connected to the Internet for Q. I WORK AS AN ASSISTANT EDITOR IN PICTURE EDITORIAL. THE PRODUCERS EXPECT ME TO BRING IN MY OWN LAPTOP; THEY ALSO HAVE MADE IT CLEAR THEY DON'T PAY BOX RENTALS. ADDITIONALLY, THEY DON'T HOOK THE AVIDS UP TO THE INTERNET. I'VE ALREADY HAD TO REPLACE THE BATTERY ON MY LAPTOP; SHOULDN'T THEY BE PAYING ME TO BRING IT IN?

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