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What Post Readers Are Up To: centrally located. And when you are doing a mix or ADR, you just walk downstairs. My editing room is upstairs. It's all right there." POST: Because there are so many VFX, were you cutting with incomplete visuals? REFOUA: "Some of sequences, we had animatics for. Some of the sequences you basically have the live action, like in front of The White House, and the camera has already shot it. So it's going to be something like [what you see], but they need to add environment, the roof, the smoke and all that. We had 1,300 visual effects and they were all in various forms of getting done. Some of those were monitor shots, some were animatics, and those were completely CG shots, and some were live action shots that needed environments. "You get the animatics and put those in, but undoubtedly, when the visual effect company starts working on them, they change them for some reason.The constraints of the reality intrudes upon the actual design of the shot, and sometimes things will change. The timing will change." POST: Were you applying any color treatments? REFOUA: "On this movie, I didn't have to do a lot of color adjustments because the dailies lab was in constant contact with the DP, and it was pretty much looking like we wanted it to look. I brightened some things and darkened some things, but I did not do a lot of color on this particular picture." POST: Are you working with a big screen? REFOUA: "I have a 55-inch plasma that we basically use for a viewing monitor. It's high def." POST: When did you wrap up? REFOUA: "It was the middle of January that we locked picture. But because of the visual effects, things kept changing, especially the last sequence — where the animatics were the most used and the visual effects house out of China had to deliver the latest effects. Sometimes things don't work out quite the way you want them to. We were making changes up until a week ago." POST: So even with animatics detailing a shot, things still change? REFOUA: "The animatics are very simple, and sometimes when you add all the detail, you realize this shot should be higher up or lower, or is too close or too long and needs to be shorter. The amount of detail makes a lot of difference." POST: How much did the edit shape things? REFOUA: "There are parts that are strictly according to script, and there are parts that we worked on quite a bit and enhanced the drama." right now BOATING: "I am trying to get my captain's license. I have a 32-foot boat up in Maine, and I need [the license] if I want to advertise trips. Typically, it's been a classroom style: full weekends, eight hours a day, Saturday and Sunday. Now I found out there is an online course. I can do it at my own pace or leisure! There is a lot to learn about the 'rules of the road,' weather and safety." Mark Overington President, Aframe North America Small Tree Shared Stor age thats Simple, affordable, & high performance Small Tree continues to refine and improve on its Ethernet based Shared Storage product family, bringing more video editing performance to improve your workflow. Small Tree combines Thunderbolt and 10 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities to provide greater I/O performance to Thunderbolt equipped laptops and desktops to break the 1 Gigabit performance barrier. Call or Email us for more information on a Small Tree's TITANIUM shared storage solution today. Xytech expands management tools for studios L AS VEGAS — Mission Hills, CA's Xytech (, makers of facility management software, is showing updates and additions to its MediaPulse platform at NAB 2013. MediaPulse is Xytech's flagship product and offers out-of-the-box automation for the entire production ecosystem. With more than 150 implementations, the platform enables craft workflow and asset management systems to work seamlessly with planning, scheduling, and financial management tools. All tasks in the workflow chain, from automation to asset scheduling and personnel management, are managed in the product by a modular architecture. Templated and dynamic workflows are driven by Xytech's own event orchestration technology, managing all activities in an order and automatically monitoring individual tasks for operational status and financial impact. They are also showing Sky, a platform independent, browser-based, HTML5 compliant new user interface that brings complete MediaPulse functionality to Xytech users, regardless of whether they are operating on Mac, PC, Mobile, iOS or in the cloud. Also, Xytech's new Personnel Rules provides functionality and technology for the personnel management tasks of any facility. • 866.STC.4MAC Post0413_004-6, 8-BitsRAV4FINALREAD.indd 5 Post • April 2013 5 3/26/13 7:31 PM

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