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BITS & PIECES 9 POST JAN/FEB 2020 OBJECT MATRIX AND ORTANA MEDIA GROUP PARTNER LONDON & CARDIFF, UK — Object Matrix (https:// and Ortana Media Group ( have announced a technical collaboration to provide integrated content management and archive workflows. The integrated solution enables media organizations to manage, access and share their content regardless of where the content lives. Cubix from Ortana Media Group is an asset management and orchestration platform that has been designed to manage complex business transformation projects across multiple loca- tions. MatrixStore from Object Matrix is a media-fo- cused private and hybrid cloud solution that was built on object storage technology. It allows media companies to keep content secure and protected, while ensuring easy access and discoverability at all times. By using Cubix tightly integrated with MatrixStore, companies can use automation and orchestration to seamlessly transport content from one storage platform to another, while keeping all data and metadata in a usable format. Thanks to Object Matrix Vision, users can easily find, browse and restore content regardless of format or where it resides. The tiering of assets can be automated by apply- ing policies and rules to ensure content is protected at the appropriate levels. At the same time, media files can be migrated from legacy asset manage- ment and LTO platforms or those platforms can be augmented by adding MatrixStore object storage. "Our customers are increasingly challenged with managing assets across multiple storage platforms," says James Gibson, CEO of Ortana Media Group. "By pairing our asset management solution with MatrixStore, they can ensure data and metadata portability across multiple storage platforms and significantly reduce the time to find content, regard- less of where it is housed." Jon Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix, adds: "Ensuring the entire archive is instantly available means our customers can monetize that archive more easily. At the same time, the automation bene- fits bring operational efficiencies while ensuring that content remains protected throughout its lifetime. The tight API integration with Ortana means meta- data (as well as the assets) is fully preserved and augmented. This in turn keeps the full archive open for reuse and free from vendor lock-in, whether in on-prem or hybrid workflows." For more storage news, see page 10. FEMALE-LED UNICORNS & UNICORNS LAUNCHES IN LA LOS ANGELES — Unicorns & Unicorns (https:// is a new, women-led creative studio that specializes in filmmaking, adver- tising production and digital media. Joanna Shaw, Sun Komen and Adrianne McCurrach have been friends since their days at entertainment company Caviar and bring complimentary skill sets to the new venture. "There's an exciting world of talent and cre- ative out there that is not being harnessed. So we thought, how can we tap into that?," says EP/pro- ducer/managing partner Joanna Shaw. "Our model allows us to not only work with the big names in marketing and entertainment, but also the countless companies that need production or digital creative and are being ignored because of narrow margins, challenging markups and traditional structures that don't allow for something specialized and curated. We are a true media platform, which is really what the future needs." Shaw is a prolific purveyor of short-form and branded content, producing music videos for stars such as Jay-Z and Pink, and commercials for Nintendo, Ford, Toyota and the NFL. She also col- laborated with Lionsgate and Relativity on features, and executive produced the Netflix original docu- mentary I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Technical director/managing partner Sun Komen has helped craft digital experiences for Adidas, Toyota, Fanta and others, both through her own personal studios and via Caviar Digital — the digital arm of Caviar, which she helped build from the ground up. Lastly, EP/managing partner Adrianne McCurrach has worked with a range of different entertain- ment, film and production companies. Her work for Pedigree resulted in a Clio, and her Super Bowl spots include campaigns for TurboTax, Coke and Mountain Dew. Unicorns & Unicorns will team with top directors and creatives, working with them in non-traditional ways to tackle any project need or format. Services include script development, design, longform and short film, branded content, advertising, music vid- eos and a host of digital executions. So far, they've already found success with work for Snapchat, Crate & Barrel, Burger King, Corvette, ACLU and most recently, a mysterious, surreal short film directed by Kris Mercado promoting My Chemical Romance's 2020 tour. Adrianne McCurrach, Joanna Shaw and Sun Komen

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