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6 wholelifetimes.com contributors from the editor December 21st marks our longest night – the Winter Solstice…. And the holy holidays are well upon us. 2019 was another whirlwind of a year. Did you stop yet to take a moment to reflect? Do you have plans for 2020? In this special holiday edition, we asked a few of our talent- ed writers to consider this question: As we round out this decade and enter 2020, is there a particular vision or wish you have for yourself or for the planet? What would you like to see in the decade ahead? As we near 2020, I would like to see the acceptance and understanding of differences and diversity increase, and I hope to see a more tolerant world. In the context of autism, it is my hope that we increase the integration of people with autism (and other special needs) in the community at all levels, including schools, neighborhoods, and places of employment. Mary Jane Weiss (Pg. 12) My goal for myself and the planet this year is to shed black-and-white thinking. I really believe that our peace, both mentally and physically, lies in the gray area. For myself, I know when I get into extreme thinking, I'm left either disappointed or terrified. I want to set my goals to be realistic, attainable, and comfortable. I wish the same for the planet — goals that are realistic, attainable, and comfortable for everyone. Laura Rhodes-Levin (Pg. 18) My vision for 2020, and this next decade, is to be a vehicle of empowerment and transformation for people, and for the planet. There needs to be a huge overhaul of life in this world as we know it: with health care, with how we live and work, with the environment, with how we grow our food, with animals, and with consciousness. I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to make that happen. Joyce Gerber (Pg. 10) Sunny Chayes (Pg. 8) My vision is for a global society that's awakened the "creative dreamer" within us to bring about a joyous new story for sustainable harmony and peace — a society that has learned and uses the benefits of peaceful conflict resolution with loving outcomes filled with Angel Activism to uplift all with humility and nobility … a world where the ever-flowing nurturing of Mother Earth is embraced and we nurture in return. Greetings Dearest Readers! ~ Welcome to our Dec/Jan 2020 Holiday Edition! 'Tis the season once again for festivities, fragrant trees, a chill in the air, and the longest night — the Winter Solstice — leading to the time of Light! It's been a tumultuous ride in our great country, with politics taking center stage. What do you do to stay balanced and calm in the midst of these news cycles? Hopefully reading our publication helps you to relax a bit. We want to keep you informed with the latest health tips, consciousness-expanding ideas, and fun events around town. What else would you like to read about in the upcoming months? In this issue, we highlight a few of the speakers who will be at the upcoming Conscious Life Expo, held annually in February at the Hilton LAX. Healer Kimberly Meredith, who graces our BackWords page this issue, feels the time of Light and Ascension is upon us. What do you want to see in the year ahead? Pls email me and share your thoughts. My direct email is gina@wholelifemagazine.com. Five-time best-selling author Gregg Braden will also be at the Conscious Life Expo. In this edition, he writes about the "New Human Story." Is humanity on the brink of a more evolved existence? Together, we can reach an even higher potential! The holidays are here. Feeling anxious? Or excited? Pls read our article by licensed therapist Laura Rhodes-Levin for ways to overcome stress. Whether flying cross-country or just driving to the valley for a family dinner, she brings new perspectives and offers tips along the way. Renowned numerologist Glynis McCants provides her insight this issue and lets us know what's in store for this month and next with the coming new year. As always, we are sincerely grateful to ALL of our advertisers and we appreciate your support of them as well. We are in the mighty City of Angels, a vast community of consciousness and progressive thought with you, our intelligent, informed readers, leading the way! Thank you for reading and supporting our publication. And thank you to visionary artist Douglas Taylor for sharing his talents on the cover and in Gregg Braden's piece. WLT is proud to be the longest-running holistic magazine in the country — more than four decades strong, thanks to YOU! It's with readers like you, and our incredible advertisers, that allow us to provide unique voices from our community month after month to share information and ideas. In this world of fast-food culture and corporate media, we strive for journalistic integrity. What would you like to share with our readers? And have you seen our beautiful digital edition? Just email me at gina@ wholelifemagazine.com or TEXT the word WHOLELIFE (all one word) to 42828. It's free and easy to read right in your inbox, tablet, or phone. What's your focus in 2020? What do you want to see? Together we can make a brighter, lighter world for us all. May your holidays be blessed with joy & LIGHT! With Peace & Love ~

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