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December 2019 / January 2020

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December 2019/January 2020 23 art & soul REVIEWS MUSIC Miten Devotee W ith his new album Devotee, singer- songwriter and guitarist Miten offers up a serene yet rhythmic song cycle that lifts the heart and soothes the spirit. With the skillful, empathic accompaniment of his Temple Band and longtime partner Deva Premal's captivating background vocals, this intimate suite of songs is framed with great sensitivity and nuance. Miten has a distinct hope for these songs in the world. "If I have a wish for this album, it's that it may be used at some point to support the transitional period between life and the great beyond in death. That somebody will find solace and support in the music and in the words of the songs. This is the greatest gift that you could possibly receive from another human being." With songs from the affirmative, healing "Into Your Hands" to the sunny, reggae-inflected gospel song "Rivers of Babylon," from the sexy, bluesy "Bring Me Your Love" to the merging, meditative "Eyes/Ocean" (by the great Sheila Chandra who originally recorded it), Devotee vibrates on many levels. Devotee is also Miten's foray to "make friends with the electric guitar. Not to make it cry or laugh, but just to give my voice and songs a different texture ... a different taste." And that's what you hear on this album. Through his diverse life experience, devotion has been a central key for Miten. Over time, his devotion to music has transcended all. He says, "Music has been ever- present in the world of humanity since the dawn of time. And there will be music in the spheres long after humanity has wiped itself off of the face of this earth." Miten concludes, "So, this music is made by a devotee. And, from devotee to devotee, I wish you every blessing on your journey and thank you." A heartfelt vibration, indeed. (White Swan) — Dorothy James BOOKS Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People By Judith Orloff, M.D. I n Thriving as an Empath, psychiatrist and empath Judith Orloff, MD, has created 365 days of informative insights that offer empaths and all sensitive people self- knowledge, self-assurance, and the resilience needed to live in health and harmony. Empathy is a blessing, yet unfortunately it can also feel like a curse. Compassionate empaths may experience exhaustion, anxiety, and depression if they don't learn practical self-care to center and protect themselves. Dr. Orloff's book will help you stop absorbing other people's stress and stay in your own power. It will inspire you to remove negative beliefs about yourself, while providing a path for empaths to take back control of their lives. The daily readings encourage sensitive people to pause for a few sacred moments every day to discover their true purpose, learn to connect more deeply with themselves and the creative force, while taking responsibility for their own self-care. This book is a daily companion to nurture your inherent sensitivity. As Dr. Orloff expresses in the book's Introduction, "Every day the mystery unfolds. No matter what: keep loving, keep taking deep breaths, keep looking at the starlit sky. Allow time to help you remember your timelessness. Holding a light-hearted awareness of the coming and going of all things, lets us feel gratitude for every moment." Read it every day. It is a valuable resource that should be kept nearby and referred to again and again. Its pages offer timeless wisdom and keys for all who are empathic! (Sounds True) —Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

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