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OptiTrack's 'Motive' to Simplify the Motion-Capture Process M INTERNATIONAL otion-capture provider OptiTrack has launched Motive, a unified software platform for eliminating the complexities historically associated with motioncapture workflows. Motive delivers cleaner motion data, enables larger capture volumes, and can be tailored to meet a range of needs. With an easy-to-navigate interface, Motive helps solve data management and processing issues as well as skeleton solving. When customized with the Motive Body Module add-on, the system delivers simultaneous full body and finger tracking, even in very large capture areas. Motive contains a 64-bit, multi-threaded architecture that facilitates the tracking of more objects and actors, longer recordings, and support for hundreds of cameras per system. A new shot management system allows drag-and-drop asset selection. Moreover, setup and calibration is fast. The Body Module add-on provides one-click subject calibration, precision finger tracking (with Flex 13 or Prime cameras), and kinematic labeling for clean real-time output. Overall system setup has been simplified to reduce prep time by 75 percent and can be handled by a single operator. Motive costs $999, and the Body Module add-on sells for $1,499. Existing OptiTrack customers with current software licenses can upgrade to Motive for free. 4 The Foundry Forges HieroPlayer T he Foundry has launched HieroPlayer, a VFX review and playback tool for artists. It gives Nuke users the power to play back every shot on the VFX timeline in context on their own workstation. This tool is priced at approximately $300 including one year's maintenance. A Nuke user with a HieroPlayer can export the shot or sequence that they are working on in Nuke, then play it back and review it in context with full audio on HieroPlayer's VFX timeline. They will also have easy access to multiple versions of their shots. HieroPlayer also complements Hiero, The Foundry's shot management, conform, and review tool set. With HieroPlayer, Nuke users get access to a full Hiero project on their VFX workstation. NewTek Turns on LightWave 11.5 T he LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, is offering LightWave 11.5, the newest version of its 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software for artists and designers at no charge for all registered LightWave 11 customers. The upgrade includes new features and functionality that enhance creativity and streamline productivity, including the Genoma instant character-rigging system with modular presets, making it easy to rig a simple biped or quadruped for animation without the need for specialized rigging tools. The release also contains predator and prey flocking capabilities, per-object instancing control, and soft-body bullet dynamics with support for FiberFX. Also included are interchange tools supporting Adobe After Effects cameras and Pixologic's Zbrush, stereoscopic and depth-of-field motion blur in the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR), and more.  LightWave 11.5 costs $1,495. LightWave 11 customers can upgrade to 11.5 free. Educational and other upgrade pricing are also available. A free 60-day, full-feature trial of LightWave 11.5 is available at March/April 2013 CGW0313-Spotlightpfin.indd 4 3/14/13 12:07 PM

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