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73 F A L L Q 4 I S S U E 'Morning' Becomes Electric C arole Kravetz Aykanian trained as a dancer in her native France. "There's no question that back- ground helped me in my career, with the sense of rhythm and movement," she said. "When I sit in a chair, that sense of form and rhythm is in my head." Arriving in Los Angeles in the 1980s, she studied directing at the American Film Institute, where she befriended the actor-turned- filmmaker Carl Franklin. She cut his groundbreaking feature "One False Move" (1992), marking the begin- ning of a significant and versatile career as a picture editor in features, television, and cable series. By Patrick Z. McGavin CAROLE KRAVETZ AYKANIAN BRINGS THE MAGIC TO APPLE + SEE PAGE 99 F E A T U R E P H O T O : S A R A H S H A T Z

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