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45 F A L L Q 4 I S S U E B ronwyn Shields had been stashing away mon- ey for the day she and her husband would buy a house in the Los Angeles area. What the veteran visual effects editor wasn't counting on was that much of that nest egg would end up going to finance not a down payment – but rather her maternity leaves. As a short-term worker on feature films like "I Am Legend" and "The Time Traveler's Wife," Shields figured she wouldn't qualify for paid family l e a v e o r o t h e r s t a te - b a c k e d b e n e f i t s because of her gig status. She'd always re c e i v e d a m i x o f 1 0 9 9 a n d W 2 payments, she said, and consid- ered herself a freelancer, not a full-fledged employee. W h e n s h e t o o k t i m e o f f to re c o v e r a n d b o n d with her two kids, now 7 and 10 years old, she a n d h e r s c r e e n w r i t e r husband shouldered the responsibility entirely on their own. " I t w a s a l l o u t o f pocket," she said. "We h a d t h e p a d d i n g to b e able to live off of savings, but since then, we've nev- Expecting Work HOW DOES ONE BALANCE PREGNANCY WITH A BUSY POST CAREER? GUILD MEMBERS FIND SOME UNEXPECTED ANSWERS By T.L. Stanley F E A T U R E

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