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ask the field rep 25 F A L L Q 4 I S S U E ual's work week runs Monday through Friday with their regularly scheduled days off as Saturday and Sunday. For all weekly or regularly scheduled daily employees, if your work week is Monday through Friday, Monday is your Day 1. Please note that Monday is your Day 1 even if you worked Saturday. It is your Day 1 even if you worked Sunday. If you work both Saturday and Sunday, Monday is still your Day 1. Let's say you have Saturday off, but the project dictates that you must come in on Sunday. You then work your follow- ing normally scheduled Monday through Friday week and find out that you have to come in on Saturday. Although you have now worked 7 days in a row, this Saturday is actually your 6th Day. (Remember, Monday is still your Day 1.) On this par- ticular weeks' timecard, you would write: [Date] – 6th day from previous week (This is your Sunday) [Date] – 6th day from current week (This is your Saturday) Let's say that you now have to work the following day, Sunday. Although this is now your 8th consecutive day worked, it is the 7th day in your workweek. It goes on next weeks' timecard as: [Date] – 7th day from previous week (This is your 2nd Sunday) This is sometimes the point where members can get frustrated, especially if that 2nd Sunday wasn't worked, but actually, this is a good thing. Here's why: Let's say you just started a project and your first day is on a Friday. The contract you're working under allows a prorated start week, with Monday as Day 1, and your regularly scheduled days off are Saturday and Sunday. Something goes wrong and you immediately have to work the weekend. Saturday is your 2nd day worked, but it must be paid as a 6th day. Sunday is your 3rd day worked, but it Q. I'M WORKING SUNDAY THROUGH SATURDAY. I UNDERSTAND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO GET PAID AT A HIGHER RATE FOR WORKING A SEVENTH STRAIGHT DAY. AND YET, SOMEHOW I'M NOT BEING PAID AT THE HIGHER RATE FOR THAT SEVENTH DAY, SATURDAY. WHAT AM I MISSING? IS MY MATH OFF? ISN'T SUNDAY THROUGH SATURDAY SEVEN STRAIGHT DAYS? YOUR GUILD QUESTIONS, ANSWERED ONE AT A TIME A h , t h e t i m e l e ss s eve n t h - d ay q u e s t i o n . M a d c o i n c i d e n ce : Cathy Repola, our National Ex- ecutive Director, has a podcast on this very subject. You can find it archived on B u t i n c a s e y o u r s m a r t p h o n e i s recharging, we can take care of this right now. First, your math is fine. But the issues involved can get confusing. So bear with us here! It might be helpful to look at a calen- dar and use a finger on each hand to point to the days in question when you think about this. Seriously. We Field Reps do it all the time. No shame. Basically, the payroll week in the majority of contracts runs from mid- night Saturday to midnight Saturday. The workweek however, can be any five consecutive days out of seven. The majority of the time, an individ- A S K T H E F I E L D R E P

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