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April/May 2013

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Contributors . sharon Brock Yoga and Forgiveness, P 18 Everyone has people in their lives they need to forgive, myself included. Since I practice yoga, I wanted to learn how yoga could help with that process. My interview with L.A. yoga instructor and therapist Daniel Stewart revealed some powerful insights, and I was reminded that yoga is much more than poses; it's a tool to help me live my life with more ease, love and freedom. robert fulton Unite to Light, P 12 . While I could anticipate the beneits that a portable and renewable light source could have on the life of a student, I was amazed by the other ways that Unite to Light's lamps have been used. As I've learned as a health care reporter, one should never take even the basics, such as access to light or clean water or housing, for granted. . Caroline ryder Rex Beasley, P 28 I've lived in the Mojave desert for 18 months and have been blown away by the cutting-edge design and sustainable architecture one inds in this lonely scrubland. Designer Rex Beasley, for instance, has let his imagination run wild in the desert, evidenced by his under-construction ecopalace FountainHead, featuring rooms that move from inside to outside and a swimming pool that empties at night in order to cool the house. . katie winchell Solar, P 24 In researching this story, I was surprised to discover what a huge resource the acres of rooftops in the L.A. area represent in the quest to increase the production of renewable power. Small-scale solar is just as eficient as large industrial solar ields, because energy generation occurs in the same location as energy demand. I can't wait to get rooftop solar on my own roof—it will be empowering in multiple ways. Aquarius Systems Water Puriication Specialist Whole House Water Puriication • Filtration/Ultra Filtration • Reverse Osmosis • Ion Exchange • Ozone and Ultra Violet • Whole House Systems • Flouride Reduction/Removal • Alkalizing Media • T.A.C. Template Assisted Crystallization Proud Member of WQA Certiied Installer Certiied Water Specialist C55 Lic. #942324 Darryl Cobb (310) 849-6018 www.aqariussystems.co MH_02.indd 9 April/May20139 3/26/13 5:47 PM

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