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OUR INBOx February/March 2013 | FREE & love sex IntellIgent lust the healing power of sexual fantasy For love & Money perils of financial intimacy urge surFIng ride the wave of addictive desire to-die-for destinations share the love gift guide tattoos hot & hazardous We love your letters! Please share your opinion and help shape future issues. Write to editor@wholelifemagazine.com. (Letters may be edited for space and clarity.) kudos Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to readers.WLT is an excellent magazine. —Rev. Olivia Bareham, via email I read your mag from cover to cover, loved every page such insightful articles. Thank you so much for being a true leader of consciousness. —Michele Orlando, via email 8 MH_02.indd 8 Great job on the Dec/January issue—and I especially enjoyed your rebuttal to Jo Wideman, of the specious Californians for Population Stabilization (Our Inbox). There was a lot of value in the entire issue. —Leslee Goodman, via email Love & Loss Your issue Love & Sex (February/March) was excellent from cover to cover. It sure made for good conversation with my friends, and one is using the "Six Acting Tips" article for a job interview. Thanks for making a difference. —George Vreeland Hill, Beverly Hills I greatly enjoyed the Victoria Coulter Bloch raw milk interview and the article "More than Skin Deep" about the health risks of tattoo ink. Great job! I felt the sex articles did a great disservice to your readers. Sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a serious sin, and sex that leads to unwanted pregnancy and abortion is a one-way ticket to hell for everyone concerned: mother, father, doctor, nurse, receptionist. Our wishing it weren't so is not going to change that. Who wants to trade a cheap thrill for an eternity in hell? I miss the long, groundbreaking interviews you used to run with people such as Mark Lane, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Dr. [Robert] Strecker, etc. That was outstanding journalism, worthy of a Pulitzer. I know you have it in you to do that kind of work again. —Joe Roth, via email Ed reply: Current research shows the average attention span is continuing to shrink, and that most readers won't stay focused for longer than a mere eight seconds! But thank you for sharing your thoughts and interests, as well as for being a long-time reader—the interviews you mention were published in the late '80s or early '90s. We appreciate your continued active presence in the WLT community. The article in the Feb/Mar issue about Love and Sex was completely gross ("Intelligent Lust"). The so-called psychologist is just another lost, lonely pervert. Why support him? No matter our past, inding joy in being humiliated is not healthy for anyone and [we need] especially peace [to bring] our planet together. That spirit needs comfort and sweetness, not more hate. Nowhere did he mention love or sacred union, or appreciate and respect for sex. Please, please WLT, keep the magic and beauty of sex in special, spiritual regard for healing and love and don't diminish it to just another pile of crap of human gluttony. You have lost a reader. —Shirley Vernale, via email wholelifetimesmagazine.com 3/26/13 5:47 PM

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