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from the editor Professional Distribution Management Services For free newspapers & magazines provided by: News To Go ® Serving the Los Angeles area since 1978 www.newstogo.net 310-444-NEWS email: distribution@newstogo.net Get Empowered with WOMEN'S NIGHT OUT! Could you use some inspiration & planning? Do you enjoy positive, supportive women? able future for our magazine. Now we're expanding to DEAR READERS, You're about to read an- create a larger presence on a digital platform. Instead of other provocative issue of increasing our print circulation, we will soon be offering Whole Life Times. (Our an app that allows you to download a device-ready last issue clearly pushed version of the magazine to your iPhone or iPad. I can almost hear the Droid groans, so please, a few buttons; check out our Inbox on pg. 8). We bear with us. We are starting with this limited edialways write about earth tion, but we plan to have Droid access by the changes and sustainability end of this calendar year, and you'll be the irst to in our April/May Earth know when we do. We're excited to be on the Internet international newsstand! Day issue, but this year we are all about solutions. We will continue to bring you the best, most We can't keep twiddling our thumbs until Congress decides to acknowledge global warm- interesting stories six times a year in print, along with ing. We can't wait for our President to realize that the best, most interesting holistic products and sera pipeline through our heartland is just more of vices being offered in this area, thanks to our loyal times the same, and that what we need most for the advertisers. If you love WLT, please support them. long run doesn't come from an oil well. And we At this time, when magazines like Newsweek and have to stop expecting someone else to save us. Daily Variety are quitting printing after decades, we That childhood Cinderella myth? When it comes and they really need to feel your support if you'd like to saving the planet, you are the handsome prince. usPUBLISHED BYto be available in print. Our advertisto continue EDITOR IN CHIEF Abigail Lewis Wholedollars paya for every Whole Life Media, LLC off You are the person who has to decide to turn ers ad Life Times, division of single issue that rolls Whole Life Media, LLC off the engine (pg. 42), to insist on alterative the press, from the irst story idea to the beautiful ADVERTISING DIRECTOR 23705 Vanowen St., #306 energyElissa Michaud don't destroy natural habitat magazine you pick up from a rack at nearly 500 stops sources that West Hills, CA 91307 (pg. 24), to DESIGN the other creatures who inPhone: 877.807.2599 / 310.425.3056 protect greater L.A. So Fax: 310.933.1693 ind an event, enjoy a service, or GRAPHIC Web: wholelifemagazine.com share life on this planet with us (pg. 26) and to buy a product your see in our pages, and please tell Bostrom Graphics e-mail: info@wholelifemagazine.com start making changes in your own life that will give our advertisers where you found US VIS If we want to WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH them. EMAIL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Please put the nature of your planet or subject the earth—and our species—a chance. keep something thriving—ae-mail in the a magazine— Jeffrey Ainis, Nadia Ali, Lili Barsha, Derek Beres, line, e.g. "Letter attention. Our Earth Day issue is especially dear to me, we need to payto the Editor" Sandi Berg, Joanna Cazden, Conor Creighton, Kim Dinan, Maria has played an important because our magazine Fotopoulos, Lara Hermanson, part TOOur mission is holistic so EDITOR, SUGGEST atSUBMIT A LETTER TO THE as always we pay Katherine A NEW BOOK FOR REVIEW balanced A STORY in making Earth Jamieson, Jen Jones, Siel Ju, Emily Lewis, Day a permanent partRough, national tention to all aspects of a OR SUBMITlifestyle, from of our Amy Lyons, Celeste Perron, Jenny IDEA FOR CONSIDERATION vision. Caroline Ryder last decades of the last century, yoga and forgiveness (pg. 18) to handling a panic Through the e-mail abigail@wholelifemagazine.com Send (pg. 16). Plus Life Times WLT supported Earth Day and all that it represents. I attack information to Whole food, health, books, ilm Attn: Editor, 23705 Vanowen St., #306 FACTCHECKER wish I could know we have succeeded in helping save and our annual Festival Forecast (pg. 10). Jennifer Summers West Hills, CA 91307 our planet from extinction, but only time will tell if that Thanks for joining us, please drop us a line TO FOR CONTRIBUTING we continue to sing the praises and SUGGEST AN EVENT like THE CALENDAR Earth is so. In the meantime, ARTISTS best calendar link Visit tell us what you wholelifemagazine.com, select theabout our Raisah Ali, Danny Clinch, Kim Cooper, of nature, suggestSera Timms to dangerous consump- Day issue!options menu, and follow the prompts. alternatives under the Steve Ryan, tion, and offer an inspiring vision to guide our way From my nemophilist* heart, TO FIND A COPY OF THE MAGAZINE OR COVER PHOTOGRAPHY forward. Earth is in transition, and we who love it must BECOME A NEW DISTRIBUTION SITE TK e-mail distribution@wholelifemagazine.com continue to do our best to create a sustainable future. HOLISTIC SERVICE DIRECTORY ADVERTISING We've Hermanson (x 106) a long time on FSCLara been printing for TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ONLINE MAGAZINE Visit wholelifemagazine.com and select e-magazine Lara@wholelifemagazine.com certiied paper—Forest Stewardship Council aptab from the top menu. Follow the prompts. provedDISPLAY & magazine in greater L.A. to walk this (the only DIRECTORY ADVERTISING LeeAnn Christian (x 103) FOLLOW US ON "One who is fond of talk)—and we're also hoping to create a more sustain- *Per Webster's:FACEBOOK AND TWITTER the forest." wh le life LeeAnn@wholelifemagazine.com William Gastelum (x 104) William@wholelifemagazine.com Lara Hermanson (x 106) Lara@wholelifemagazine.com Lisa Sahakian (x 105) LisaSahakian@wholelifemagazine.com www.twitter.com/wholelifetimes www.facebook.com/wholelifetimes Join us April 19 and/or May 17 for a life-changing evening! MDR Marriott ♥ $20 early reg. ♥ 6-10pm www.wnomdr.eventbrite.com Celia Ward-Wallace & Empowering Women Every Day 6 wholelifetimesmagazine.com LEGAL DISCLAIMER MH_02.indd 6 TM (WLT) is a catalyst for growth and change in people's lives and in our community. By listing in WLT3/26/13 5:46 PM

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