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April/May 2013

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professional services directory Intuitive Arts southern California psychic institute Intuitive Arts tired of wAitinG for thinGs to ChAnGe? feel out of Control? would you like to Be in ChArGe? You may be nervous about "psychic" but psychic means , "of the soul" It means you learning to get in touch with . and using your natural abilities. It means learning to use your own energy to set the direction of your life. If there are stressful areas in your life, it means there's a buildup of energy. Learn some simple tools to release the energy charge and get back into your own low. Check out our 90-minute readings ($30), Meditation and Healing Classes, Clairvoyant Training Program and free Healing Clinics. www.socalpi.org information@socalpi.org Santa Monica: 310.587.3536 Costa Mesa: 714.434.9550 relationship expert, Clairvoyant, licensed high priestess, reader of the soul Intuitive Arts free 15-minute reAdinG (new Clients) SOUL READINGS: I will help you to discover and understand what your purpose is in this life. I can help you to solve and see clearly everything you need to know about your particular situation. I will answer questions by tuning into the names of the people in your life so that you get completely clear about what is going on exactly. This includes business, health, etc. I can also help you to see and realize your hidden gifts and talents. I will teach you meditation and give you tools to take yourself to a higher plane. Workshops and classes are available. Alice Runyon 818.986.2965 www.alicerunyon.com medical intuition with Justin elledge, the human mri Intuitive Arts Described as the Human MRI, Justin has been heard by thousands on KPFK's The Aware Show. He works with clients around the globe. Like reading an x-ray, Justin's ability and clear vision is a gift of seeing beyond the symptoms of the body to the origin of illness, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Having studied with an awakened Buddhist master has empowered him to help and support you in accomplishing healing. has great compassion and reverence for the human journey. "I look forward to helping you ind your own sense of peace, health and healing. " 818.957.7231 www.viewmyhealth.com viewmyhealth@gmail.com Namasté Come with an open mind and heart, to an intuitive who spiritual psychic I can help you achieve higher goals in your career and success in your endeavors. 98% ACCurAte Intuitive Arts I have been blessed with the gift of psychic abilities. I can give you advice and guidance on all matters. Do you need answers to know what's in store in your future or to open up your spiritual path? I can even lead and direct you to your soulmate, or restore a broken love affair using uniquely formulated ancient spiritual love remedies from the Himalayas. This information is not generic. I call out names, dates and speciic information. I'm also available for Tarot readings. I specialize in spiritual cleansing and puriication, removing all negative energy, and working through chakra balancing. Personal Development Personal Development Angelica 818.402.2750 psychicangelica777@yahoo.com Acting techniques for Business and social success Jane Marla Robbins, performance coach, author of Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, now in its ifth printing and Perform At Your Best, winner of the Gold Axiom Business Award. Learn to overcome self-consciousness, be more authentically yourself, and let your intelligence, humor, depth and joy shine through in everything you do. Workshops, private coaching. Learn actors' psycho-physical secrets for looking and feeling self-conident in dificult real-life situations: job interviews, social gatherings, business presentations, dating, networking. Any situation you think could be more fun but isn't. 310.455.1579 www.janemarlarobbins.com consider placing Your Ad in our JUnE/JULY iSSUE tRAVEL with special SUppLEmEntS section! close: may 21 • Release: June 1 • 310.425.3056 PSD_Apr-May_2013.indd 37 April/May201337 3/26/13 6:15 PM

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