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Books & soul ArT the five levels of AttAChment toltec wisdom for the modern world don miguel ruiz, Jr. In a manner reminiscent of his famous father, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. has created an attractively bound small book with a simple formula for guiding people to perfected lives. This simplicity often appears slippery and evasive, beginning with the notion that we all are already perfect and need no guidance, but it is not smallminded, easy or naïve. More likely, our culture domesticates the original perfect authentic self— the irst level. Through the other four levels, the lens of our self-judgment and acquired knowledge—"the smoky mirror"—progressively clouds and thickens, and we descend through levels of "preference, identity, internalization and fanaticism." True to both his mentor father and psychic healer grandmother, curandera Madre Sarita, Ruiz perpetuates his native ancestral wisdom into the modern world, often relying upon tales, legends and mythic concepts. The language of logic and description fosters the distortion of our smoky mirror, with the very vocabulary that deines us as limited, striving and imperfect. Depth of the distortion measures descent through the levels. We create in our everyday choices our personal dream, whether that be paradise, nightmare or somewhere in between. In communion with others and their dreams, we generate a collective consensual reality—the dream of the planet. We cling to what we call knowledge, the most controlling attachment of all, which liberates or enslaves, based on the acceptance or denial of the innate perfection of each and all. This perfection cannot be deined by its negation, by what separates us from it, but only by lovingly accepting selfperfection as a "never-ending masterpiece in progress." The same could be said of the Ruiz family's sharing of their wisdom. (Heirophant Publishing) —Mac Graham mAy CAuse mirACles Gabrielle Bernstein Gabrielle Bernstein—modern, hip, spiritual guru—is on to something big with her new book May Cause Miracles. Gabby is a 30-something recovering addict whose healing path centered around studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM). The transformation she experienced inspired her to 32 A&S.indd 32 ind a way to present the concepts of ACIM in a way that would appeal to her generation. The result is 40-day guidebook of "subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness." The book is set up to be a six-week program with daily exercises including readings, meditations, afirmations, written exercises and prayers. Each of the six chapters focuses on a speciic topic, such as body image, relationship or abundance. Within each chapter the reader becomes aware of the thoughts and fears of her ego, works to develop a willingness to change, and eventually comes to a miracle mindset by choosing love, gratitude and forgiveness. The journey to love becomes a very rich experience with the multi-media branding that supports the lessons in the book. Bernstein's got everything from vlogs, to her Spirit Junkie app, to Spotify playlists containing her guided meditations, online group coaching and live workshops. Her intention is for a world full of people saying, "Today I am a miracle worker. I choose to see love in all." (Harmony Books) —Jen Dietrich heAl your Broken heArt michael kane For most of us, a broken heart is simply a fact of life, something that inevitably happens sooner or later, whether from the loss of a beloved childhood pet or the person you thought was your soulmate. In a perfect world we'd be sad for a little while and then move on, but many of us end up mourning our broken hearts for months, even years. If only we all had this useful guide to help us heal. Whether it's your own loss or someone you love who is in pain, the suggestions offered by life consultant Michael Kane will help the recoverer to work through the pain and begin to create a stronger, happier life. Kane offers speciic steps and guidelines to lead you through each level of healing. Provocative questions can take you from iguring out just how badly you are still hurting (even if you thought you were already painfully aware) to daily actions that bring you to acceptance and moving on. Kane also includes steps in forgiveness. Not forgiveness of your ex, but of yourself for messing up (in your own mind) what you now perceive to have been your sole opportunity for lifelong bliss. Wisely, the author doesn't end the book with how to create a better relationship with your next partner, but rather, how to be a loving, healed and whole person. And for those who would like a little extra support, Kane is developing a free web class that will be available mid-April. Look for details at www.michaelkane.org (White Cloud Blue Sky Publishing) —Carrie Ann Winthrop wholelifetimesmagazine.com 3/27/13 10:10 AM

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