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Fall 2019

The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) is the largest organization of Location Managers and Location Scouts in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. Their membership plays a vital role in the creativ

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6 • LMGI COMPASS | Fall 2019 L E T T E R FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Members, I'm ecstatic with the success of the 6th Annual LMGI Awards. Location professionals, LMGI business partners and fi lm commissions from around the world, along with their guests celebrated the best of worldwide locations. Lori Balton and John Rakich deserve the bulk of the accolades for spearheading an Awards Committee that vetted a record number of submissions in all categories, organized the event and arranged for an incredible group of presenters. This was the fi rst year I was involved in the event and only upon post-show refl ection did I truly realize what a huge undertaking it truly is. This leads me to refl ect on how the Guild operates and how we can include more members in organizing our activities. We are an organization of volunteers. Part-time strategist Linda Johannessen and administrative manager Erika Howard work behind the scenes to keep the Guild on track. The Board and committees complement their efforts attending to the LMGI Compass, awards, newsletter, website, marketing and communications. With our worldwide growth, our members want more regional activities such as seminars, panels, Fam Tours and professional development courses. We hold these in the cities where we have the most members—Los Angeles, Atlanta, Vancouver, Toronto, London, New York. While the members in these areas generally take the lead on planning and executing events, we never have enough volunteers and the work generally falls to the same few people. They get burned out as they try to juggle Guild commitments with the demands of work and their personal commitments. Inevitably, family and work commitments win out and their Guild activities fall by the wayside. It's diffi cult to keep things moving. In an attempt to eliminate burnout, I hope to increase the number of volunteers over the next year to help with the increasing number of activities members around the globe are clamoring for. Why volunteer? Well, fi rst and foremost, to support and grow something you believe in—the LMGI has done more than any other person or organization to increase awareness of the value that location professionals bring to a production. And greater value translates into greater career success for you. Guild members truly rank among "the best of the best" in our profession. When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other top location professionals that can benefi t you personally and professionally for years to come. You help create a stronger, healthier Guild by adding your ideas, opinions and perspectives to those contributed by members from different backgrounds around the world. You can help develop more career essential educational and professional development courses to advance your career. And most importantly, you'll have a lasting, positive impact on our small global community of fi lmmakers. Every Guild committee and event need many helping hands to make them a success and a huge time commitment isn't required. So if you're interested in helping out, please contact me or any committee chair and we'll fi nd a place for you to get involved and make the Guild an even stronger organization that continues to expand benefi ts and opportunities for our members all over the world. Mike Fantasia, President Editors LORI BALTON STEVIE NELSON KEN HABER PAUL MESSANA LMGI Officers MIKE FANTASIA, President JJ LEVINE, 1st Vice President LORI BALTON, 2nd Vice President GEORGETTE TURNER, Treasurer JOHN RAKICH, Secretary LMGI Board of Directors JIMMY AYOUB MATT CHAMBERLIN LES FINCHER MAC GORDON KEN HABER WES HAGAN EDWARD MAZUREK WALTER ROSHETSKI RYAN SCHAETZLE ALISON A. TAYLOR LMGI Chairman Emeritus ORIN KENNEDY Strategist LINDA JOHANNESEN Administrative Manager ERIKA HOWARD The LMGI Compass is published quarterly by the Location Managers Guild International. LocationManagers.org Comments, editorial and photo submissions can be sent to: Compass@LocationManagers.org Publisher INGLEDODD MEDIA Advertising INGLEDODD MEDIA 310.207.4410 LMGI@IngleDodd.com www.IngleDoddMedia.com Official Magazine of Location Professionals Promoting Excellence on Location Worldwide C MPA SS

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