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34 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 I have known Marty for 18 years. We first met at CFI where I was a color timer and we worked on a movie called Road to Perdition. I have worked on many movies with Marty and I have such high respect for him, his knowledge of the industry is amazing. Marty has been an inspiration for me and has always been a great mentor and a really wonderful friend. I am honored to have even a small part in Marty getting this award which is richly deserved. Lee Wimer Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Color Timer/ Supervising Colorist and Director of IMAX Post When Marty Cohen was my apprentice on Pennies from Heaven, Richard Marks, whom I was then assisting, said, "Someday we'll all work for this guy." Turns out Richie was right. I have known Marty for many years. He was my apprentice and then my assistant. He has always been my friend. I have seen Marty rise from apprentice to head of post-production at Amblin, then DreamWorks and, finally, Paramount Pictures, the same studio at which he assisted me many years earlier. In all that time he has not changed as a person. He is a hard worker, treats everyone with respect, and can quickly grasp the little picture and the big picture of any situation. Marty is well deserving of this award. Congratulations. Sidney Wolinsky, ACE Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor Who in the film business doesn't know Marty Cohen?? I worked at Deluxe Entertainment most of my career and was always working to deliver films. Whether it was at the lab in a screening room, or in his office at Paramount, or in a DI suite at EFILM, working with Marty Cohen was always a pleasure. I used to step into his office and see him standing at his desk, on the phone, bringing someone to an understanding of how to bring a film in and on time. He was no nonsense and had an expectation that you would be the same! He loved movies and the people who made movies. The relationships that existed in the post side of the moviemaking business were the best and, when I le Hollywood, I missed people like Marty. Marty always treated me with respect and valued my opinions. I am happy for him in receiving this recognition. Beverly Wood Friend/Colleague; Retired, former Executive VP, Deluxe Entertainment, and Managing Director, EFILM Marty Cohen is all about family — Kathy, Maggie, Gabe, Hershel and Elijah. Marty always understood and let you slide when you needed to leave for family events and vacations. The proof of his success are his now grownup kids always calling and visiting mom and dad. Marty's other family are the dozens of former receptionists, PA's, coordinators, apprentice and assistant editors, and more that he shepherded into post supervisors, film, sound and video editors, and studio executives. There are too many to count in his working family tree. Rob Yamamoto Friend/Colleague; Post-Production Supervisor

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