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33 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 creative is without compromise. Marty has always gracefully walked the fine line between studio executive and creative supporter. His contributions to the business far exceed the constraints of a paragraph. The aspect of the relationship I'm most proud is that of dear friend. Aer two and a half decades, I still consider Marty one of my closest and dearest. I'm lucky to know him. Marc Vanocur Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Composer When you consider the wake of success that has been le behind by Marty, well, it's not difficult to see what he was doing the entire time. While he was applying his skills and insight to grow his own career, he was teaching others to do the same. A lot of us stand, owing many of our achievements to Marty. And that's the definition of legacy. Michael Vasovski Friend; Co-Founder of Unknown, LLC (post company) When you realize editing is the path your life wants to take, you hope to find people who are guides, mentors, or friends. For me, Marty is all three of these things rolled into one mustachioed package. I've had the amazing fortune to work with him in every stage of my career from assistant to editor and, aer many screenings and dinners, I'm grateful to have him as a friend. He gets uncomfortable every single time I call him "Godfather" but, without him, I wouldn't be where I am now. Grazie, Don Cohen, Grazie. John Venzon, ACE Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Picture Editor Marty was there for me for my "Hollywood Bris." My first film. He held the forceps and wiped the sweat from my brow and told me to think happy thoughts. He always had a way of getting me through the moments that took a little part of me… That changed me forever. My first three films at DreamWorks were formative and having a seasoned veteran like Marty around made survival and recovery possible. I still consult him regularly for his wisdom and advice. It's true, what Cat Stevens said: "The first cut is the deepest." And you remember the feeling. But Marty Cohen is a story teller and an editor at his core. And he was right: If you don't notice what's missing... you probably didn't need it. Gore Verbinski Friend/Colleague; Director Marty Cohen — where to begin my long and wonderful road with this man? So many stories, too many to recount here. It all began with Class of 61, a MOW we worked on together at Amblin. 26 years later we are still best friends and "pal" is stuck in my lexicon forever. Marty taught me so much in how he navigated the sometimes muddy waters of post- production at Amblin, Dreamworks and Paramount. He treated everyone the same, whether a president of a studio or the post PA. His friendships around the industry have lasted forever, mainly because he is always there to help no matter the situation. With me it was always our healthy one-upmanship competition; whether it was comic books, movie critiques, Madden Football or photography, we had to compete. One particular rough day of Madden Football, my wife saw us taunting each other in our family room. She asked, "Do you guys even like each other?" as Marty chanted "loser" at the top of his lungs. Marty is truly one in a trillion, and I, as well as many of you out there, are truly blessed to call him "Pal." David Weathers Friend/Colleague; Post-Production Executive I have known Marty Cohen for 35 years. We met when he was assisting Sidney Wolinsky on Best Defense. I have loved Marty since we met. He is always a shining light no matter what is happening in work or in life. We have always stayed in touch during our careers. At some points we've been cutting on the same lot and had some fun and interesting times...and we've also had fun and interesting times when Marty was a studio executive as Paramount's head of post-production…and we've had other fun and interesting times, as well. Of course, none of those times are to be discussed publicly. It is all of those experiences that make Marty a lifetime dear friend and true pleasure to know. Billy Weber Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor

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