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32 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 I met Marty 30 years ago on Back to the Future Part II and Part III while I was working at ILM and Marty was the film's post-production supervisor. Lucky for me, Marty was both supportive and collaborative and willing to take others under his wing. Marty is a great teacher. Marty's way is to smile with his all- knowing eyes and make you laugh even in the tensest of moments, like a slightly naughty Santa Claus. He has given years of service to the movie industry and particularly the VFX movie industry. The most memorable for me was Gladiator while he was at DreamWorks. Always with groundbreaking work, there is incredible tension. No matter how tough the going, Marty would make time to talk though a problem until a solution was found, and then we would laugh. We worked again at Paramount Studios until he turned his love of the cra to producing and directing. No telling of the history of VFX over the last 30 years could be told without praising all the movies Marty has guided to the finish. Nancy St John Friend/Colleague/Mentee; VFX Producer Marty Cohen came into my life over 15 years ago at DreamWorks. He's been a teacher to me, a loving "pal," and for a young filmmaker, a straight- up fairy godmother (or father). Marty is a magician by trade as there's never a problem we can't solve and very rarely is there an end of the line. It's the mind of a true creative, who only wants to push the boundaries so we can all achieve the highest quality. He taught me not to settle (either professionally or personally) and pushed me to at least "try" to be a nicer person. And despite not working so closely every day anymore (which I miss tremendously), he remains all these things to me. There's not a project I work on without seeking his advice on some level — otherwise, I would have been eaten by sharks long ago. Riyoko Tanaka Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Producer It is disconcerting to think how many years have passed since I first met Marty at Paramount. He was assisting Sidney Wolinsky on Best Defense (or was it at MGM when he was assisting Richie Marks on Pennies from Heaven?) and I was the music editor on 48 Hrs. Over the course of the many subsequent years a lot has changed, but some things remain constant: Marty's smile, his positive attitude in the face of daunting obstacles, his genuine friendliness, his "Hey Pal" greeting, his boundless heart, and love for family and all things editing. I congratulate him on this well-deserved honor. All my love and admiration, Michael Tronick, ACE Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor I met Marty in 1995. I was only 4 years into this business but it didn't take long to realize how fortunate I was to have started a great relationship. That relationship evolved over the years from a technical advisory role and gradually evolved into that of colleague, client, mentee and later, creative partner. So many of us in the industry have been fortunate enough to work with Marty in various capacities and we are all better for it. His relationship to the LOCAL 600 INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHERS GUILD Congratulates Martin Cohen on receiving the Motion Picture Editors Guild's Fellowship and Service Award. 864 Art Directors Guild IATSE International Campaign Sticker Size: 11-1/5" x 3-3/4" v5 November 29, 2017 #IASOLIDARITY STANDING TOGETHER THRIVING TOGETHER #IASOLIDARITY STANDING TOGETHER THRIVING TOGETHER IA_postcard.indd 1 1/5/18 3:37 PM

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