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31 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 dealings with me and other union staff and I have always appreciated that. He approached us without an ego, it was never personal, it was never about him. How rare that is in this business. That is part of what makes the Guild bestowing this award upon Marty so special, because this honor, this evening's celebration, really is all about you, Marty, and so well deserved. Congratulations! Cathy Repola Colleague; National Executive Director, Motion Picture Editors Guild I've been called "pal" by Marty Cohen more times than I can count, and I could always count on Marty to be a true pal in a business where friends are essential. We were in the trenches together — almost literally on Saving Private Ryan — and shared a love of film post-production and the immense good luck of working with the best people at the best time. His heart and humor got me through many a battle. As my people from the upper- middle-class suburbs of Midwestern American say, "Marty Cohen is a mensch." Gary Rydstrom, CAS, MPSE Friend/Colleague; Sound Designer/Re- recording Mixer Marty is a colleague — but more importantly — a friend. From first meeting him when I was the DP on Always for Amblin, I frankly was not quite sure what he did. That changed quickly! His profound knowledge of the business and post in particular was impressive, his technical skills second to none. When later he supported me on my first directing effort A Far Off Place (also at Amblin), those skills were invaluable for the project, but more so was the tact and diplomacy with which he navigated the many problems, challenges — and egos! He is a gentle giant and I'm happy that I will be seeing him soon for our semi-annual lunch and catch-up. Mikael Salomon, ASC Friend/Colleague; Director, former Cinematographer I have known Marty Cohen for more years than both of us want to admit. He was a long-time colleague but, most importantly, he is a real friend. During my quarter of a century at Universal, I worked closely with most of Steven Spielberg's productions. When you work with Steven, you work with Marty, too. As most of us know, film production is not always a smooth process and post-production is never smooth. Over the years, we faced many hurdles together. Not only in the final stages of post-production, but on home video transfers, as well. It was during these challenges that Marty excelled the most. His willingness and his ability to work with the Studio to meet deadlines and work out the glitches was a real credit to him. Congratulations to my former colleague and my friend for this well-earned award. Dan Slusser Friend/Colleague; Retired Senior Vice President & General Manager, Universal Studios Marty has been a treasured member of the Amblin/ DreamWorks family for 27 years, almost as far back as Amblin's founding. He continues to serve an important role with me in film preservation while keeping us current on the latest breakthroughs as technology burgeons! I'm very proud of and happy for Marty that he will be receiving the Fellowship and Service Award from the Motion Picture Editors Guild. Steven Spielberg Colleague; Filmmaker Everyone who has worked with Marty probably loves him. We met at MGM in 1982, where he was Richard Marks' assistant on Pennies from Heaven. Marty and I hung out and played "Donkey Kong" at the liquor store on Washington and Culver (we set some pretty high scores). Aer my divorce, Marty invited me to dinner several times — he's always been big-hearted. He helped me move the heaviest sleeper-sofa on earth up two flights of stairs, aer I found an apartment on Culver Blvd in Playa del Rey. We pushed that thing up the stairs end over end. I watched Marty rise to be number one Post Super at Amblin Entertainment and then far beyond to producer. I've always been thrilled whenever I heard about his upward promotions. Who doesn't love Marty? His pal, Scott Stambler Friend/Colleague; Retired Music Editor, former Adjunct Professor, Film Music, Chapman University

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