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30 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 I'm very glad that Marty is receiving this award from the Editors Guild — it is much deserved. I have worked on over a dozen movies that Marty has post- produced, and his talent and ability and people skills are terrific. He clearly understands everything about bringing the picture through the finish line as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And that laugh... it lights up the room! Congratulations, Marty. Andy Nelson, CAS Colleague; Re-recording mixer I oen jokingly refer to Marty as the godfather of Post- Production. That moniker is not predominantly just his ability to be persuasive when seeking what he wants. It's more about his method. He's supportive and nurturing with less experienced industry participants. He's calm and thoughtful when helping you problem-solve. He's eminently qualified, experienced and knowledgeable yet enthusiastic, inquisitive and unabashed when asking questions while learning about new technology. Trust me, he asks a lot of questions! When he visits FotoKem these days, the parade of our clients over to his table in our lounge is as varied as it is impressive. Young and old, legends and legends-to-be, editors, directors and DP's. He attracts them all with his interest in what they are doing. I've known Marty for decades as a valued client, a collaborative colleague and a trusted friend. His wit, wisdom and demeanor are consistent in each of those roles. I am proud to call both him and Kathy my friends! John Nicolard Friend/Colleague; Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, FotoKem "Walter, you know I never say it's impossible…" With those words, Marty Cohen pretty much ruined me as both a studio executive and a producer. Working with him caused me to believe that all post supervisors had the talent and temperament to see their jobs as the continuation of an organic process that starts with developing a script and doesn't end until opening weekend. As our head of post during those heady first years at DreamWorks when, in truth, we were pretty much making it up as we went along, Marty was absolutely indispensable in somehow balancing the reality of budgets and schedules with the needs of the movie — without ever making us feel "managed." In fact, Marty made it all seem…well, fun. We had a shorthand which was essential, and everybody trusted his judgment implicitly — which meant that if Marty said it couldn't be done in time, it couldn't be done. The problem is — he never said that! This led me to believe that "a movie is never locked," a hopelessly wrong-headed conclusion that was enabled by Marty's singular talents. So thanks a lot, Marty — you spoiled those of us who worked with you forever. Walter Parkes Friend/Colleague; Producer Marty and I met about 35 years ago. We worked together on many groundbreaking projects for Amblin. Marty always kept a level head and, more importantly, a great sense of humor and a contagious smile. Having been involved in all aspects of filmmaking, his depth of experience make him the consummate pro and well deserving of this honor. He is respected and admired by all who have worked with him. I am proud to know him and count him as a true friend. Art Repola Friend/Colleague; Studio Executive/ Producer I do not remember the details of the first conversation I had with Marty Cohen in my early days of coming to work for the Guild, but here is what I do remember: his kindness, his honesty and his complete lack of ego. That is how our relationship started out and that is how it carried on throughout the remainder of his career. Some of our biggest advocates in management are made up of people who were members and rose up through the rank-and-file; they know the perspective from both sides and Marty is one such person. If we ever had any union issues, I could pick up the phone and Marty and I, cooperatively and amicably, worked through the issue. But most oen, he would ask first; he was always of the mindset that it was better to follow the union agreement in the first place rather than inadvertently do something wrong that would need to be corrected later. He always wanted to do right by the union and its members. Marty was always respectful and trustworthy in his

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