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28 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 While it seems that I've known Marty Cohen forever, we did not begin working together until I cut The Contender, on which Marty supervised the post-production for DreamWorks. During the next five years, I cut another three movies for DreamWorks. Working with Marty was the best of the best. He understood editors and post-production better than anyone else I have ever worked with. While he is excellent at his job, he is also just a "mensch". Marty is kind, thoughtful and happy to do everything he can to help, including crawling under a KEM table to hook it up when we were on location in Nashville shooting The Last Castle and we were still watching dailies on film. Michael Jablow, ACE, AMPAS Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor, Head of Editing at the American Film Institute Conservatory Marty gave me my first job. It was the first interview. I wasn't completely nervous because Marty was such a kind and funny interviewer. As his Second Assistant at DreamWorks, Amblin and Paramount, I learned a lot about the fast-paced nature of this industry. I also learned how to balance that with fun through Marty's love for pranks and mischief. He treated his team like a family and because of that we felt great loyalty to him and to each other. Thank you, Marty, for taking a chance on that shy, green, young girl so many years ago. You started me on my path to where I am today. Congratulations on this award. You deserve it all and then some. Best, Heather Jeng Bladt Colleague/Mentee; Writer When I first saw Marty, he was carrying film cans. He was a wonderful can carrier. Later he was a wonderful assistant editor and made my editing life easier. Later he was a wonderful post- production executive at Amblin. Later he was a wonderful post- production chief at Paramount Pictures. Marty is a wonderful friend with a great sense of humor and the most capable, knowledgeable individual about all things — film. I'm looking forward to our weekly lunches at Art's Deli. Congratulations. Michael Kahn, ACE Friend/Colleague/Mentor; Picture Editor Marty, you're one of the unsung heroes of our industry, so it's wonderful to see the Motion Pictures Editors Guild singing your praises! Your leadership in post- production has been crucial to bringing many of the modern era's greatest films to full realization. Throughout your career, you've brought a wonderful mix of professionalism and passion to every release you have shepherded, just as you have to the classic films you've lovingly restored. Best of all, as I and so many others can attest, you are simply menschy! So, sit back and enjoy hearing your song being sung by your colleagues and admirers. It is a beautiful chorus, richly deserved. Jeffrey Katzenberg Friend/Colleague; Managing Partner, WndrCo I met Marty Cohen in 1994. He was the head of post- production at Amblin Entertainment and one of the greatest colleagues I've ever had. Marty made things happen and did so effortlessly. There wasn't a job too big or too small for Marty and the word "NO" didn't exist in his vocabulary. He cared for each one of Amblin's films like it was one of his children (and we all know how devoted to his children he is!). I love Marty Cohen and I miss the time when we spoke on a daily basis. He'd always answer the phone, "Hello, pal, what can I do for you?" He has been a great mentor, colleague and friend! Kristie Macosko Krieger Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Producer I met Marty Cohen in 1981, when he was hired as the apprentice editor on Pennies from Heaven, a film my husband, Richard Marks, was cutting at the time. Marty quickly became an invaluable addition to the cutting room as well as a good friend of Richie's and, of course, of mine. He and his wife Kathy have remained firmly rooted in our lives ever since. Marty moved on from the cutting room, although not all that far. He became one of the most accomplished, admired and knowledgeable post- production execs and producers in the business. His list of credits cross over a variety of genres and many can be found on the lists of the most admired

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