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27 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 provides so much insight and POV, it's kinda hard to mess up aer all the lessons you've learned. Martyisms. My favorite: "Pal, y'gotta slow down to go faster." "If you are too outta control, you won't make good decisions; more methodical leads to more efficiency." So sage. Marty calling you "pal" meant that you were one of his charges. It's been an honor to work for him. He's had a profound effect on my life. "Forever indebted" doesn't cover it. I'm fortunate to have met him and had the opportunity to learn from him. I feel lucky we're pals. Mark Graziano Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Executive VP, Post-Production, Amblin Partners/ DreamWorks I can't think of anyone more deserving to receive this award. My mother, Lee Guttman, and Marty met at the Ralph Bakshi studio where she was an ink- and-paint supervisor and Marty was a young production assistant on The Lord of the Rings. They quickly bonded as Marty was quick, talented, funny and grounded. That led to a decades-long friendship among our families. Over the years, no matter how busy Marty was with going to productions in far-flung places or raising his children with Kathy, he always made time to stay in touch. Marty's many accomplishments and contributions to his cra come not only from the fact that he's great at what he does, but also from the person he is. He cares about what's going on in the lives of people that are close to him. He cares about the world as a whole and making it a brighter place. Marty is a great role model for today's new generation of production assistants looking to find their way in the industry. Caroline Guttman Friend; Director of Corporate Brand, MUFG Union Bank Unfortunately, I never got to work for Marty when he was at Amblin, but I did get to work with him at Paramount. Marty's predecessor could be a truly terrifying human being, so having the jovial Marty around was a welcome relief. Our movie's initial editor quit a few weeks aer dailies ended, and Marty hired me and another editor to take over and finish the film. It was the most horrific work experience of my life. The only thing that got us through it was Marty. He was that kind of a fellow — you just didn't want to screw him over by quitting, and you knew they wouldn't make the release date if they had to start with a new editor yet again. Marty stuck up for us as best he could while we endured weeks of abuse, temper tantrums and all-nighters. It was always great to hear his genuine sympathy and booming laugh over the phone. And then when it was all over, he handed us a check for 2 extra weeks of pay. He called it battle pay, and was genuinely thankful to us for finishing the film. Marty is just simply a good egg! Lee Haxall, ACE Colleague; Picture Editor I first met Marty through Michael Jablow when I was new to LA. Marty was a busy post executive at Amblin. He gave me more names of people to meet with and some good advice, and continued this over the years. Regardless of his workload, he was always available. He was supportive, giving realistic suggestions that have helped me navigate a freelance career and my passion projects. We share a fondness for photography, magic and movies. The first time I worked with Marty was on an early DreamWorks film, Mousehunt, as VFX editor. One of many things that stands out about him is that he uses his cutting room experience to know how to budget and schedule the work. Having the right amount of time and size of crew for correctly and creatively doing a film is a talent. Knowing how to balance work demands and a quality of life for his crews is his superpower. Basically, Marty believes in treating people the way he would want to be treated if he was still working in the cutting room. I am very grateful and honored to have worked with Marty. Sharon Smith Holley Friend/Colleague; VFX Editor Marty Cohen is the epitome of a Mensch. My mentor and friend for over 14 years, he not only taught me about all things "Post Production", he taught me not to take it all too seriously. He's a dear friend and so deserving of this award. Congratulations, Marty. We're lucky to have you as a leader in this community and I feel even luckier to be able to call you my friend. Stephanie Ito Friend/Colleague; President, Post Production, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players and Animation

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