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26 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 You Might Want To Know about Post Production. This 12-page guide thoroughly explained the chronological order of post-production, theatrical release and foreign versions, and had a glossary that I referenced all the time. It was the post bible for me in the beginning of my career. Years later, I finally met Marty in an interview at Paramount and I brought a copy with me and thanked him. This is a testament to who he is, someone who is always helpful and loves to bring people into the post process. He has been available to help answer any questions I have had and has been very supportive throughout the years. Congratulations, Marty, for this much-deserved recognition. You are the Pillar of Post-Production. Valerie Flueger Veras Colleague; Senior VP Post Production, Legendary Entertainment 200 words are not enough to express the way we all feel about Marty Cohen. One thing is for sure though…we all have an incredible amount of love and admiration for him. I believe the first time I met Marty was when I was an assistant editor on the movie Road Trip. I knew from the moment I met him that it was the beginning of a life-long friendship. This incredible man with a huge heart has supported me, listened to me, given me advice, believed in me, and even trusted me enough to edit a short film that he directed called All the Men in My Little Girl's Life, even when I was not sure I was ready to edit. It's these traits, and so much more, that I am beyond proud to call Marty not just a colleague, but also, and most importantly, a friend. Congratulations, my dear friend, on this long overdue honor. Love, Dana-gal. Dana E. Glauberman, ACE Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor The name Martin Cohen is in the credits of many movies that inspired me to be a filmmaker and once I started working in post, before meeting him, I discovered the name was inescapable and highly respected. On more than one occasion (on multiple continents), I've walked into a cutting room, complimented an efficient file system or calendar structure, only to be told, "I learned that from Marty Cohen — it's the best and so is he." So when this mythical master of post came to post-produce a film I was on, I was ecstatic. Marty understands post from every position. He can communicate and problem-solve from anywhere in or around a workflow in the smartest, clearest way possible, allowing all those around him to thrive. His talent, diplomacy and wit were the key that got us through that show and, by the end, he was more than a man who lived up to his legend, he was my friend. Some of the best advice I've gotten has been from Marty over plates of sushi. He's been a supportive, encouraging presence in both my life and career and I feel privileged to be part of his world. Robin Gonsalves Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor Marty is my dear friend and confidant. First off, we had a marvelous working relationship while he was at DreamWorks and then at Paramount. He always had time to chat with me about a project… possibly because I didn't call him too oen without a good reason. Back in 2008, I was working at Todd AO/Soundelux, talking — a.k.a. negotiating — with him about the new Star Trek's post sound budget and talent. The advice he gave me was excellent! I'll never forget it and I use it to this day! As a friend, Marty is an awesome family man, has a heart of gold and has the best laugh! Oh, yeah, he loves sushi. Marty makes this business a better place to work in. We need more Marty Cohen's in the world. Darlene Gorzela Friend/Colleague; Director, Feature Film Post-Production Creative Services, Warner Bros. Marty Cohen is a legend. He's the Godfather of Post- Production. Marty has worked on so many stellar movies! His work with Steven Spielberg is unparalleled. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable filmmakers you could ever meet, he's a supreme problem- solver. And also a complete character! He is first and foremost a teacher, not only of filmmaking, but of life. I've learned a ton from MC! If you've had the pleasure to work for him, you know that he drills into you the proper way to do things. Anything less is not only unacceptable, it's silly. Time with MC

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