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25 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 hope to make proud through cra and life. Patrick Crane Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Picture Editor Marty's commitment to maintaining the filmmaker's vision in post-production and restoration is remarkable and unique. His dauntless and meticulous dedication to assuring that everything he does delivers the highest quality image and audio quality is inspirational. He's also an extraordinarily generous colleague and mentor who has given me valuable advice more times than I can count. I don't think I'd be where I am in my career without him, and I'm so fortunate to have him in my life. Congratulations, Marty. Thank you for your leadership and your friendship. Daphne Dentz Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Senior VP, Mastering and Production Technology, Warner Bros. I have known Marty for over 30 years. What started as a working relationship evolved into a life-long friendship. His spirit and playful personality along with his vast knowledge of filmmaking made working with him a joy. I'm honored to be your friend. Congratulations on this well- deserved recognition, Marty! Maria DeVane Friend/Colleague; Executive VP, Amblin Partners Production Finance, I first worked with Marty back in 1992 and, over the years, our work relationship blossomed into a trans-Atlantic friendship that has endured to the present day. Marty is a big family man, and it has been an enormous pleasure to get to know Kathy and the rest of his amazing family. The thing about working with Marty is that it was always so much fun. He is a consummate professional. He expects the best from his fellow workers, but always with a light touch. When I look back over the productions on which we worked, I principally remember hard work and fun. Even when work pressure was at its highest, he was always capable of reducing me to helpless laughter. Congratulations Marty, you richly deserve this honor, and I am proud to have been even a small part of it. Brendan Donnison Friend/Colleague; Retired ADR Casting Director and ADR Director I have known Marty Cohen since the early '80s when we were assisting on Max Dugan Returns; he for film editor Richie Marks, I for supervising sound editor Bob Grieve. Marty combined hard work and fun in the best way. I never saw him when he wasn't smiling. I count him as a mentor and I am grateful for his support over the years. He has always had an open door to discuss the subtleties of surviving and thriving in post-production. Marty's insights and gentle suggestions for how to weather the little ups and downs helped me through many a light rain… and the occasional storm. Thank you, Marty!! Dody Dorn, ACE Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Picture Editor When I produced Small Soldiers in 1997 at the then newly-formed DreamWorks, I had a certain level of comfort having worked with both Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg on a number of movies previously. However, I had never worked with Marty Cohen, the head of post-production, and was surprised and delighted to find a "studio guy" who was actually first and foremost a filmmaker. Extremely knowledgeable, totally supportive and a good, funny guy to boot, working with him was a pleasure throughout. During post-production, we had a minor catastrophe — it was a Saturday, but I called him and got him on the phone right away. He listened to me explain the problem, weighed in with some smart technical advice and then, without hesitation, basically said, "You go back to work and don't worry about the studio; I'll handle that." It was a tremendous relief to be able to go back and deal with the issue as a filmmaker and not have to concern myself with any political fallout from the powers- that-be. That was Marty — calm, unflappable, good-humored, and there to help. Mike Finnell Friend/Colleague; Producer I first heard of Marty Cohen when I was assisting producer Richard Vane at Hughes Entertainment in Chicago. It was around 1992 and Dick handed me a Xerox copy of Marty Cohen's Guide to Post Production, a.k.a. Everything

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