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24 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 Oh, baby! Marty is one of those special gems who always leaves me smiling. I worked closely with Marty at Paramount Pictures where, as President of Post-Production, he taught me the strong balance of nurturing the creative side of filmmaking with its many business aspects. It was inspiring to learn from his sharp mind and ability to anticipate and problem-solve. His background, working with great filmmakers as an editor, assistant editor and producer, brought a needed consciousness to the executive side of the studio that resulted in so many successful films. Marty sees life through a joyous lens that I aspire to. I am exceptionally grateful to have found a mentor, guide and, most importantly, a friend in Marty. Congratulations, MC, for the well-deserved recognition of being a compelling sequence in Hollywood's cinematic history! Timmy Broderick Friend/Colleague/Mentee; VP, Stereo Production, DNEG I had long heard stories of the incredible human Martin Cohen from so many co-workers. Most of them were stunned that I had not already known him. But then it happened. A little over eight years ago, I got the honor not only to meet Marty, but to work together with him on The Hunger Games. Walking into his office that first day was like walking into your long-lost friend's office. It was instant connection. Film knowledge aside, Marty Cohen is one of the most compassionate, kind-hearted, funny and all-around extraordinary human beings I have ever met. His drive and focus is beyond admirable and his film knowledge unmatched. I always know where to go when I have any issue or questions. This is a well-deserved and truthfully long-overdue recognition for all that Martin Cohen has done and continues to do for the film industry. Congratulations, my friend. Christopher S. Capp Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor Walking into Marty's office is like walking into your kitchen at home. First, you are met with a smile; then, you are sitting down to high tea. Marty has a special gi of making you feel at home and making you feel like you are going to get his undivided attention. However, if he has a better idea or if you are going down the wrong path, he is going to tell you. It's his way of navigating through the process but keeping your plan intact to get the best results. He does not have an agenda going in. He is straightforward, direct and supportive. Whenever I walked by his office at Paramount and had a few minutes, I would just go over and say hello — you see, just a few minutes with Marty on any given day makes your day better. Jeffrey Chernov Friend/Colleague; Executive Producer I heard about Marty before we met. We were assistants at the same time and he was working for Michael Kahn, which was (and still is) about as high as you could get in the editorial world. Marty already had a reputation of knowing a tremendous amount about technology before technology, as we now know it, really existed in the editing room! Marty and I ultimately worked together on an Amblin film when he was head of post there. I was working for a problematic director and he asked that Marty come to the editing room to "mediate." Later, aer the director had le, Marty looked at me and said with his wonderful impish grin, "Think of it this way. You're in a bad marriage but it will all be over soon!" Marty made it as smooth sailing as he possibly could. Going to previews together out of town, talking about his kids, movies, life in general — he helped make it better. And I know he has brought this gi to many others over the years. Thank you, Marty, for all your amazing contributions to us "worker bees!" You've made all our lives better! Lisa Zeno Churgin, ACE Friend/Colleague; Picture Editor; MPEG President (2002-10) Although we have not always been professionally on the same page, which may or may not have led to a few loud conversations, Marty has always been the one I looked to for guidance and support in the rise of my career. Marty is such a genuine person that he continually has been the grounding force and person I look to for both professional and personal inspiration. Marty's love for family and film creates a response from those he mentors to be the better person and editor he sees in us. I'm grateful every day for the drive he leads with and the high bar he has set for me. Marty has not only adopted me into his circle, but my family as well. He is a man that I

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