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22 MPEG FELLOWSHIP & SERVICE AWARD 2019 For someone with such a distinguished career working alongside some of cinema's greats, it came as somewhat of a shock that Marty was such a down-to-earth, kind and pleasant gentleman, and one I have the great privilege of having both worked with and continued to stay in touch with. I first met Marty when he was called in to help oversee the post process of Seventh Son, a big-budget fantasy for Legendary Pictures. Post- production is rarely smooth sailing, but Marty immediately took a handle on all areas and ensured that the protracted process was both streamlined and controlled until the very end whatever hurdles we encountered. It was a pleasure to be able to spend time with such a warm personality — who also brought such a breadth of industry knowledge that you knew you were in safe hands facing the various ups and downs to complete. Since my experiences on the production, I have regularly checked in, sought Marty's advice and hoped to work together again. I have a short list of people's names I feel honored to have worked with across the years and Marty is at the top of this list. Marcus Alexander Colleague; VFX, Stereo and Post Supervisor Marty Cohen puts a human face on what can be an otherwise difficult business. He came into my life when I was new to the field. I assisted him on four different projects in the 1980's and witnessed his growth from first assistant editor to head of post-production for Amblin. His caring heart, strong leadership and intelligence helped me through many difficult moments during my freshman years. Marty was known for a compassionate managerial style. One prominent editor called him a saint. Marty would wear a button with a check mark on it. He would point to that button and say, "Check your attitude, pal!" My attitude has never improved much, but I learned a lot from his example. Some years later, I made a short documentary for a cable series that highlighted Marty's family life. I was able to capture what I have always known: That Marty is a dedicated and loving father (and now grandfather), as well as a devoted partner to his wife, Kathy. I have always considered Marty Cohen one of my dearest friends. I was blessed to have him come into my life when he did. Michael Amundsen Friend/Colleague; Writer, Picture Editor, Director, Educator I have been privileged to work with Marty several times in my career. When I was young and just starting in this business, I was able to work with him and learn so much from his wealth of experience and, in return, I was able to gain his trust. I have been honored and humbled by his continued trust over the years and glad that I have been able to return the favor by lending back to him the experience that I have gained in my career. Marty is an icon, a mentor and a friend. A well-deserved recognition. Bill Baggelaar Friend/Colleague/Mentee; Senior VP of Technology, Production & Post- Production, Sony Pictures Studios I think I gave Marty his first job in a studio at Bakshi Productions. I met him at one of my movie screenings. His questions and knowledge of film was so great, I hired him for an all-around studio assistant. He wanted to become an editor, so my editor, Don Ernst, allowed me to hire him as an apprentice editor. Now he's over the moon with joy so here we go… "OK, Marty, put up the work print, the one of Coonskin, on the Moviola. Yes, that's right." Marty did that and rolled the film with glee and ripped half the first reel to shreds. I looked at him in dismay, and he said, "Maybe I should put up the second reel." "Go right ahead," I said. "We need some more laughs around here." From that point on Marty was so great in everything he did and said, it was a pleasure to work with him. And I see everyone else feels the same way I do. Ralph Bakshi Friend/Colleague; Director, Writer, Producer • Marty's Friends Speak Out A Few Words From Those Who Know Him Best compiled by Edward Landler

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