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AS SOCI AT ION G OV ER NA NCE 2013 AEA Board of Director Candidates AEA PRESIDENT Andrew Morrill AEA's cause is a promise. I seek my second and final term as AEA President to help deliver it. 120 years old, AEA faces the most difficult time in our history. Our challenges are internal and external, and many of these mirror the challenges to our state public school system. Both systems require strong leadership. Let's be direct about what we face and what we must do. Since those who work in public schools face annual attacks from legislators who would not last a week in our public schools and who withhold from them critical resources, AEA must advance teaching as an esteemed profession and education support professionals as valued partners in educating students. Since public education in Arizona is under attack by extremists who understand only profiteering, AEA must champion our public schools as the gateway to the American dream and the true platform upon which American values live. Since many of Arizona's policymakers perpetuate the myth that all tax cuts create jobs and strengthen Arizona, AEA must make the case that investing in public schools creates jobs, raises income levels, creates success in higher education, and builds the state's economy. And since the AEA's cause is to keep a sacred promise, this organization must act collectively. AEA leadership must engage members in organizing campaigns of action. We must build local and statewide strength. Our work must be focused, disciplined, relevant, value-driven, and valuable. I ask to continue as AEA President, to lead and to serve our cause. Name: Andrew Morrill Address: 3231 E Lark Drive, Chandler, AZ 85286 Work Phone: 602-264-1774, x135 Home Phone: 602-625-6112 Local Association: Marana EA Education Position: Teacher Years Employed: 25 Subject/Grade Level: 9-12 English Total Years of Educational Employment: 25 Total Years as AEA Member: 25 As NEA member: 25 Higher Education Degrees Held: MA, Education Leadership, UA Elective positions held: AEA President, 2010-2013 AEA Vice President, 2004-2010 AEA Treasurer, 2001-2004 Marana EA President, 1998-2000 Appointive positions held: NEA Professional Standards and Practice Committee, 2010-2013 Member, Governor's Task Force on Teacher Quality and Support, 2006-2008 Commission, Metropolitan Education Commission, 1999-2001 Arizona Ambassador of Excellence, 2001 28 Summer.13advo.indd 28 AEA VICE PRESIDENT Joe Thomas Congratulations on being elected a delegate to the 2013 AEA Delegate Assembly. I am a Government teacher at Skyline High School in Mesa, and I currently serve as your AEA Vice President. I am asking for your support in re-electing me so that I may continue working for you. I believe as long as there are public schools there will be a need for public school employees to stand together in association. We are that association, and although we have weathered attacks from a hostile legislature, we have won our share of victories. We must continue to stop bad education policy at the legislature and reverse bad decisions in the courts, but our most important work is at the site level. We must regain our confidence and believe once again that through association we can build our strength, overcome our challenges, and lead the way for authentic, student-centered school reform. The fight for great public schools is far from over, and I believe AEA and our local associations will emerge from our current struggles stronger, more relevant, and better equipped to advance education agendas at the local and state levels. It is with the promise to move our associations forward together that I ask for your continued support as AEA Vice President. Thank you. Name: Joe Thomas Address: 1151 E Baylor Lane, Gilbert, AZ 85296 Work Phone: 602-882-5420 Home Phone: 480-814-1335 Local Association: Mesa Education Association Education Position: Teacher Years Employed: 14 Subject/Grade Level: High School Government Total Years of Educational Employment: 16 Total Years as AEA Member: 16 As NEA member: 16 Higher Education Degrees Held: BA History; MA Education and Distance Learning Elective positions held: AEA Vice President, 2010-2013 Mesa EA Vice-president, 2007-2009 Mesa EA site leader, 2000-2010 AEA Board of Directors, Region 2 Director, 2006-2010 Appointive positions held: Certification Advisory Committee to the Arizona State Board of Education, 2010-2013 AEA Government Relations and Legislative Action Task Force Co-chair, 2007-2010 Mesa EA Bargaining Chair, 2007-2008 Non-education positions held: Arizona Redistricting Commission, 2005-2008 Fellow, Center for Progressive Leadership, 2005-present Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Leadership Board of Directors Summer 2013 x AEA Advocate 3/18/13 12:03 PM

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