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Page 29 of 43 28 POST JULY/AUG 2019 IS VR THE FUTURE OF PRODUCTION? THE PLATFORM IS REVOLUTIONIZING HOW WE CREATE CONTENT BY VICO SHARABANI, FOUNDER/CD/ DIRECTOR, THE-ARTERY AR/VR SPECIAL SECTION: I n its short time as the newest buzzworthy plat- form, virtual reality has already shown itself to be an immersive, seductive playground for everyone from brand marketers to gamers. Equally as im- portant are the ways it can completely revolutionize how we create content. I remember the first time I experienced this potential of VR firsthand. My company, The-Artery, was working on a traditional CG car campaign for Mercedes-Benz and I suggested a different ap- proach — treat the campaign as a film rather than the usual CG job. This meant bringing in a seasoned team of filmmakers with backgrounds in cinematog- raphy, editorial, VFX and technology to tell stories instead of building a team of only digital artists. Keep in mind, these were still the early days and VR technology was not quite ready for this kind of experimental approach. It was only because of our history with Nurulize, a realtime collaborative VR software startup, and our VFX supervisor Rob Moggach's deep knowledge of their beta software, that we were able to do the impossible — shoot a commercial as a traditional film crew, only in a virtu- al environment. Since then, things have only gotten better. Obviously, we are still in the early days of virtual production, but it's hard not to get excited at the prospect of different technologies converging together with the benefits and capabilities increas- Mercedes-Benz gave The-Artery its first taste of VR production. Virtual production considers lighting, camera bodies and lens choice. The-Artery used Nurulize to shoot much like a traditional film crew.

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