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52 CINEMONTAGE / SPRING 2015 Send in the Clones The Joy of Editing 'Sextuplets' by Michael by Michael by Goldman portraits by Martin by Martin by Cohen Martin Cohen Martin D irector Michael irector Michael irector Tiddes' new improvisational comedy, Sextuplets, in which in which in Marlon Wayans Marlon Wayans Marlon portrays seven — seven — seven not six not six not — six — six different characters, exemplifies a couple of evolving industry trends. First, the movie, which debuts on Netflix in mid-August, is illustrative of the high-end production values and resources being poured into original feature films that reach audiences exclusively across streaming platforms streaming platforms streaming these days. And second, the editorial workflow on the on the on project was project was project thoroughly intertwined with the visual effects workflow due to the nature of the material. >>>

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