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June 2010

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SEASONAL SIPS Summer Is in Session N ow that you’re grown up and carefree summer vacations have gone the way of afternoon naptime and juice boxes, summer may seem like just another season spent in the office or behind the stick. But at THE TASTING PANEL, we’re convinced that warm-weather fun isn’t just for kids. Here are three new prod- ucts that have had us smiling into summer—even without sing- alongs at sleep-away camp. Life’s a Bitch I’d be lying if I said that the 2008 Bitch Grenache (SRP $9.99), from Australia’s R Wines, didn’t initially catch my eye thanks to its adorable pink label and ultra-sassy name, but let’s not sell this sophisticated sipper short; it is ripe with earthy cherry fruit, lingers with bright juiciness on the palate and is an accessible wine that’s perfect for those long summer evenings spent, well . . . bitching. Having finally found an excuse to simultaneously drink and curse in a reputable, respectable manner, I also test drove non-vintage Bitch Bubbly (available in 750 ml. and convenient, carry-in-your-purse 187 ml. sizes) with a sorority sister, and between gossiping about friends and reminiscing about frat parties of yore, we fell in love with Bitch’s vibrant, sweet berry-bursting profile. Add a little bit of Bitch to your wine list or back bar at Whip It If you, like me, were a sugar-fiend kid, you surely know that there are few greater childhood pleasures than open- ing your refrigerator to discover a can of whipped cream and immediately spraying it into your mouth, practically frothing with creamy, rule-breaking goodness. Putting the fun back in a can in a very grown-up way is Whipped Lightning, the world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream, available in a variety of delectable flavors such as maca- damia, amaretto, orange, white chocolate, cinnamon and spiced vanilla. While it’s perfect as a shot-topper and equally delightful atop a classic Margarita or Daiquiri, THE TASTING PANEL also thinks Whipped Lightening could make the jump into the pastry chef’s kitchen, as the perfect way to add a little kick to desserts. For recipes, product lineup and info about getting your hands on this fun find (Whipped Lightening is currently available in 14 states at SRP $9.99), visit Iced is Nice Few things say “summer” more clearly than afternoons spent sipping iced tea, but let’s face it: we don’t all have the time (or the requisite window/balcony/yard space needed to capture the sun’s steeping powers) to make homemade sun tea. Answering the call and quenching your thirst is a new line of New Leaf iced teas (SRP $1.48–$1.69), offered in 12 bright flavors sweetened with 100% organic cane sugar and made with all natural flavors and real white, green, blue and black teas. Skip the Snapple and try give these healthful sips a shot at www. SLIP INTO THE SEASON WITH THESE FUN-FORWARD PRODUCTS by Rachel Burkons 56 / the tasting panel / june 2010

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