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June 2010

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BRAND SPOTLIGHT Glory Days C herry Heering is a brand with a great deal of history, to say the least. Sipped by kings, shipped worldwide as far back as its birth in 1818, Cherry Heering is an iconic part of classic cocktails like the Blood & Sand and the Singapore Sling that remain globally popular today. Recently, the brand has also been behind several innovative and interconnected marketing campaigns with a good cause at their core and a spotlight drawing appeal throughout. On Monday, May 17, an exclusive group of national and international media and industry VIP guests were invited into the famed Campbell Apartment located inside of Grand Central in New York City to experience something remarkably antiquated, adored and refi ned. “On that day, we are going to open one bottle from 2010, one from 1950 and one from 1890,” explained CEO fo Cherry Heering , Adele Milsson, interviewed before the event. “We are going to have a tasting led by The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim, and we will compare all three. I hope the oldest is still drinkable. I believe we are one of the only companies in existence with bottles this old.” The event was a celebration and acknowl- edgement that Cherry Heering is returning to its glory days of the late 1800s and early 1900s once more. Cherry Heering, circa 1890. The Danish brand was started by Peter F. Heering, a ship builder who, thanks to maritime connections with the royal families of Europe, made his cherry brandy one of the world’s most traveled labels and one of history’s fi rst global brands. It’s still produced in the same manner today that it was more than a century ago. In addition to celebrating a return to modern consciousness on the back bar, this event also linked to a previous competition, Heering Accessorize 2009, at which the brand sought out top mixologists to create custom drinks inspired by a cocktail dress from Swedish designer Lars Wallin while, on the fl ip side, up-and-coming fashion designers 54 / the tasting panel / june 2010 CHERRY HEERING CELEBRATES THE OLD AND THE NEW IN NEW YORK by Jenny Adams Cherry Heering is a brand with a great deal of history and is an iconic part of classic cocktails like the Blood & Sand. were given the chance to design a cocktail dress inspired by one of six drinks made by world-class Scandinavian mixologist Richard Broni. Heering Accessorize 2009 brought the best in the global regional rounds to the fi nals, held in the illustrious home of the Singapore Sling, Raffl es Hotel in Singapore last June. Coming full circle, Lars Wallin was in attendance on May 17 to unveil three new dresses alongside the uncorking of the bottles from 2010, 1950 and 1890. “We want to help mixologists and design- ers build their own brands,” explains Nilsson. “We see Cherry Heering as an acces- sory—something added to complement the greater whole—and this is our way to bring the brand into modern times in creative, pow- erful ways. Cherry Heering is a brand that’s been enjoyed by the kings of Europe, Russian czars and Japanese emperors. We want it to continue in that light.” An additional bottle from 1890 is also up for auction with the money raised going to a charity that supports upcoming designers. The bidding will close at Tales of the Cocktail in July. Cheering Heering is imported by Kindred Spirits.

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