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March 2013

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From Bakery to Bar . . . and Back Again by Rachel Burkons / photos by Erica Bartel T here���s no doubt that we live in exciting times for the cocktail industry. Having survived the dark decades of post-Prohibition drinking habits wherein overly-sweet, artiicial-tasting Anything-tinis ruled the roost, we now ind ourselves in a cocktail renaissance, with one main tenet leading the charge: fresh ingredients. These days, fresh juices, fruits, herbs and garnishes are standard fare at any cocktail joint worth its tinctures, and the inlux of garden-fresh ingredients has kitchens and bars working more closely than ever before. From menu planning and collaborating, to out-there ideas inspired by joint trips to the farmer���s market, kitchens and bars are working together to make mixology magic. THE TASTING PANEL takes a look at how two Southern California restaurants manage to mingle and merge, from the stick to the frying pan. It Takes Three At Muddy Leek in L.A.���s ever-evolving Culver City neighborhood, eco-chic meets creative cuisine under the watchful eye of owner Chef Whitney Flood. Here, Flood joins forces with his Bar Manager, Lance Kanawi and Pastry Chef Holden Burkons (full disclosure: the genetically-blessed Burkons is the author���s brother) to create a comprehensive program that emphasizes seasonality and sustainability. ���As in the kitchen, in the cocktail program, everything follows the season,��� says Flood, who changes the small-plates comfort food menu weekly. ���When it runs out of season, we���ll put something else in its place.��� At the bar, the same holds true: When we caught up with the Muddy Leek in late January, pomegranates, which Kanawi had been hand-juicing for the house grenadine, were on their way out of season. ���We���ll swap this out for a blood orange grenadine,��� says Kanawi as Burkons chimes in without missing a beat, ���And then blood oranges will also be in the desserts, and reductions and sauces for savory dishes as well.��� 86 / the tasting panel / march 2013 Pastry Chef Holden Burkons, owner Chef Whitney Flood and Bar Manager Lance Kanawi join forces at L.A.���s Muddy Leek.

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